Is 3D Printing Safe? or DIY Testing for HCN from ABS and Nylon 3D Print Material


Step 3: Heater Block Assembly

Picture of Heater Block Assembly
To heat up our material sample to printing temperature, we will need to build an equivalent heater block to the one in our printer hot-end.  The heater block noted is 2" x 1" x .5".  It is drilled for two outside support holes where we will install threaded rod to support the block.  It will also have 2 each 0.250" holes.  One for the heater cartridge and one for the test sample.  the test sample hole has a .08 hole to the outside in the bottom to allow material or gasses to vent similar to a nozzle.
  The other end of the 3/16 rods are mounted in a piece of steel or aluminum to balance the heater block and hold it upright during testing.   Make sure it's steady as you don't want it falling against the acrylic at 300C..!
   The thermocouple twisted wire connects under the nut next to the heater cartridge.  This will measure our sample temperature.
   To adjust temperature we use a variac.  This allows us to dial in any voltage needed to acquire a desired temperature from the heater cartridge.   A word on variacs.....they are NOT isolated, so always turn them off before touching the cartridge leads.

  • 2 each 3/16 x 12" threaded rod
  • 4 each 3/16 nuts
  • 1 each thermocouple "K"
  • 1 each Heater cartridge McMaster Carr 120 volt 80 watt
  • 1 each variac or power source for the heater cartridge