Is 3D Printing Safe? or DIY Testing for HCN from ABS and Nylon 3D Print Material


Step 6: Equipment Setup for Confined testing - Not required

Picture of Equipment Setup for Confined testing - Not required
Total Emissions
    Confined testing was done to capture total HCN from a sample.  
    In this case, the lid is sealed and no gasses are allowed to escape.  The result is to capture the "total" HCN emitted for a sample, undiluted by the surrounding air.  The HCN sensor is placed inside of the column and as it is clear, values can be seen.

The following are measured per the photo:

    Heater Block Temperature - This is what will heat our plastic samples
    HCN measurement of emissions

NOTE: This is not a part of the required 3D Printing test and is added here as a point of interest only.
There were over 20 hours of video and several hundred readings taken by taulman3D for the materials noted and several materials not mentioned here.