Gmail,developed and Incepted by Google Inc; has marked its own face in the internet world with magnificent webmail services offered to the internet users, whenever needed. With email and chat services within a single dashboard with no downtime issues, this has propelled email users to avail Google webmail services. With superlative and secure webmail services, it makes user avail superb email experience.

Features of Gmail That Generally Make Competitors Spellbound

Google has developed Gmail application compatible with all OS, taking into consideration all kind of issues that can crop up when users access their webmail account. The effective measures have been taken earlier well in advance while developing Google email application that keeps people far away from getting frustrated while deleting spam emails that gets accumulated in inbox folder that does not let users find important mail that is required to accomplish the task on time. Google has advanced spam filter technology that other competitors do not possess as it automatically filters all important emails into four different categories generally seen once user clicks on Gmail inbox folder. With primary, social, promotions, updates and forums category shown on top of the inbox, it helps users to a huge extent in finding the important emails and complete tasks in stipulated time period.

Here is the importance of four tabs in Gmail Inbox where emails are stored as per their hierarchy.

Primary: This tab in Inbox folder contains top priority emails that are sent by clients and known people, whom users knows very well and interact with them on daily basis by sending emails or through chat application.

Social: All kind of social media and social networking notifications sent by Facebook, YouTube, bookmarking get stored here in Social Tab which users can go through when required.

Promotions: Promotion Tab is something like receiving emails containing newsletters from online marketing and advertising agencies in which user has provided an email address to get the subscribed for receiving regular updates on a particular niche.

Update: This tab is basically added in Gmail inbox to get notifications about billings and receipts as well as any important bank alert messages such as transactions happening with access to credit card or debit card with which email address are directly linked. Users can remember the important dates of making payment of mobile or credit card bills or insurance premium on time by getting constant notifications in Update tab.

Messages stored in the inbox can be bookmarked by clicking on the start button. Users can read those important emails later by clicking on the starred folder and transfer it specific labels after reading and replying the same. Google email services are now leading top of the charts when it comes to providing amazing services.

Pros of Gmail Services

Pros of Google email services that have kept Gmail on top of the webmail service providers from last many years are as follows:

· The email services offered by Google Inc are magnificent and it can be proved by the stacking done in Gmail services that arrange the conversation into threads, which help users understand the response to the particular subject in a feasible manner.

· Offer free IMAP or POP access and its message can be sent or received using any third party email client application.

· Highly compatible when it comes to accessing emails on Android or IOS device.

· Easy sorting and fetching all emails received by a particular person within the inbox and other folders.

· Creating spam filters at ease and auto-diversion of those junk emails to a specified folder.

Problematic Issues Occurring in Gmail Account

· Sign-in troubles quite persistent.

· Gmail Password recovery or reset creating mess.

· Web browser compatibility issues not allowing Gmail account to load.

· Cannot change Google email password.

· Script errors occur while sending or receive emails.

· Problems configuring Gmail account in MS Outlook application installed in Android device.

· PC or Smartphone device freeze up while composing a new message.

In order to fix these wearisome issues, users can get in touch with Gmail phone support experts that are available for the feasibility of email users who can acquire instant help anytime whenever assistance is needed by dialing official Google email support phone number.

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