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First open your settings

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Go to your general icon

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Scroll down to auto lock and click it

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Click on one minute now if you don't touch your iPod for one minute it will switch of when it switches of to tern it back on all you need to do is click the home button and your iPod will switch on please ad me to your fav! :) Byyyeeeeeeeeee!


derpysquid (author)2013-06-26

Thanks for the tips that's my way of turning your iPod on if your power button is broken . Byeeee

tim_n (author)2013-06-26

Expected a guide to replacing a power button, got a guide for auto locking. I guess it's thinking outside the box, but if your power runs down or it crashes, you're going to have a bad time...

tmoney438 (author)2013-06-26

Another thing to do is go to Setting/general/accessibility/ and turn "assistivetouch" on. This will put a button on the screen that can do everything the physical buttons do by using the touch screen. If you push the button and then push device it will have a "lock" option that will function exactly like your power button. Be aware that if you use this button to turn your phone off I haven't found a way to turn it back on since the power button doesn't work (mine worked once time to turn it on).

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