Introduction: Is This Egg Boiled? (tip to Find Out)

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This quick tip is and easy and effective way to tell if an egg is boiled by spinning it.

Place the egg in a cotton fabric. This is mainly for "egg safety" and for better results if you trying to find a hard boiled egg. 
Now try to spin it.

Non boiled eggs are resist to spin. This caused not by the fabric fraction by the inertia phenomenon of the egg itself.
In the other hand boiled eggs are spinning since the are solid and no inertia is caused.

Hope you like it (and hopefully not knowing it yet!)


Kozz (author)2011-06-13

A slightly more interesting method is a variation, but spin them on a smooth, hard countertop. Give the egg a good spin, and then quickly stop it with your fingertips and immediately take your fingers away. The un-boiled egg will suddenly resume a bit of the spin, whereas the boiled egg will not.

This makes for a good science experiment -- explain to your child or student what's going on inside the unboiled egg with respect to inertia and the spinning contents.

unclelar (author)2011-06-13

You should have smashed them at the end to prove your results.LOL

limbo (author)unclelar2011-06-13

he he forgot that part ;)

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