I have anxiously been waiting for spring. It seems that it finally got here. A bit late, but what can we do?!?

Interesting concept - your photos are very inviting, and you've sneaked in some good hints, too. I've never tried purple asparagus. What's the plant that may keep pests away?
It is one variety of Snow-On-The-Mountain. I'm not sure which specific type it is, though.<br><br>I will say that it does appear to repel some insects.
Haven't heard of that one... just herbs like basil. Now if you could just find one to repel rabbits.... ;)<br>
Well, there is <a href="http://www.complete-gardens.co.uk/online/online-gardening-plant-solutions-category.php?cat=15">this</a>. I'm not sure if they repel, in a general sense, or if they are simply self-protecting.<br> <br> My neighbor has a huge irish setter and a mutant cat about half the size of my sofa. No bunnies go near that side of the property.<br> <br> An alternative -<br> To repel dogs, racoons, skunks, cats, rabbits...pretty much any animal that has a nose (doesn't seem to affect birds)<br> <em>1 gallon of water<br> 1 bottle of cayenne pepper (from the spice rack)<br> cap of dish soap</em><br> Mix it , let it rest for 12 hours, then spray&nbsp; the area where you don't want animals to go. Reapply after each rain. Keep the remainder refridgerated, so you don't end up with spicy 'wine'.<br>

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