InthisinstructableI will show you how I modifiedmymowerto make itmore efficientinthe way Iuse:
AsMAJORPREMISEI must saythis:
No changeisallowed fortheseasforothertypes of machines,as well as everything that isbought.
Whoacts asifthisor other changesto anythinghe doestoHISown perilforiffor thosearoundhim.
It is alsoobvious thatanylegal warrantyof the product concerned,becauseyou modified theoriginal design:in fact,theoreticallyoneshould doapprovethe productprototypethatshould be approvedby aSpecialCommission.
Having said that(are youescapedthem all?No,by;someoneis thereyet ...)one isfree to dothis thingwithprudence"ofgoodfamily man"and"frontierspirit"ofINSTRUCTABLES.COMandalways keepingin mind thethings saidin the introduction.
Among other things,whetherstafforsomeonemore experiencedthan me,has toknowa waya little more"standardized"to expresswhat I've saidabove,I agree!

Step 1: The Cut

 Having said thatlet'sfinishitself,which isan adaptation ofalawn mowertoItalian"Americanstyle", i.e.withthetypicalsideopeningwhich breaksthe grassas quickly as possible,withoutchokepoints(typicallyAmericanisthis thing!)
MyMowerisa goodcar,very strongengine,andwith a goodblade,butit has a flaw:aboutevery minutewestopcutting;stop the engine,remove thelotwhich is stillhalfempty,orif youare usingwithoutfurtherliftbagtype diverter,and removethe grassthatis lockedinto the ear,and thenreboot.
I do not knowifonly mymowerhasa problem(maybecaused bya smalldefect inthe occult),the factis thatI got tired ofthis"music",andafter havingtriedanAmericanoriginal(withfrom myneighbor)I decided:
Ialso likethe lawnmower"Italian-Americanstyle".
I literallycopiedthe styleof theside opening,making sure thatitis madefrom the"right"to take advantage ofthe blade thatworks like apropellerto ejectthe cut grass.
As you can seein thefigurethecut is"generous"butdoes notcutthe bottom of the framein such a way as tocompromisethe sealas soon as possibleof the structure

Step 2: The Template

UsingapizzaboxI builta templateof the shroudfitthe holeand controllingboththe aesthetics andthe technical aspect.


Step 3: Transfer and Cutting

  I have,therefore,showsthe threeshapes,drawingwitha pencilona sheet ofsteel (in my caseit was thelidof an oldmicrowave oventhat I hadsavedfroma previous"scraping")andI madethe cutsas shownwith goodshear;I recommendto usework glovesandbe carefulnot toinjure yourself(an advicethatI givein this caseis alsolookinga bitaround:it happened to meat this juncture, elicitsa lot of concentrationin carrying outthis work,stumbleinto acord:almostIwas doingreally bad!)
I thenassembledwithrivets,positionedas shown in the figureto opposeless resistanceas possible to thegrassflowto createthe inner surfacewith lessharshness.

Step 4:

Ithenfastened withtwo rivetson each sidethe conveyorto themower,andI adjustedits position,Furthermore,by sweepingthe insidetomake it adhereas much as possibleto theupper wallinside (as shownin the second figure).
I thenfedthe catthathasyour needsas...
...andthe workyou couldsaypretty muchcompleted.

Step 5: Finished

To givea touchof aesthetics,as well as to cover anyrough edgesthat couldcause injury(the platecould cutifithitssomeone ora pet!)Iheldthecornerzonesandseams,withrubberpartssalvagedfroman oldbicycleInnertube.
Afteran appropriatemasking,I coloredthe outer partof the conveyorwithMatt Black, which isvery "proffessional"
andIaccompaniedeverything withmy new"DC" logo.(camea littlefuzzybutokay...)
I didtrymy sonthe new prototypeand wasreallypleased:alllawncuttingwas carried outwithout anystop to removejammedgrass, ashappenedpreviously,both with andwithout the bag.
Myinstructableis complete,I hopenot to haveboredtoo;
comments arealwayswelcome(especially ifconstructive)
Agreeting fromthe italiantorxinstructablesman.
andgood cutting performance....

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