This is a dish my husband invented a few months ago that I absolutely adore!!  So, I decided to share with the rest of the world it's deliciousness!  
It's very fast and easy to make, and it goes a long way.  So, all you need is 3 ingredients and some cheese if you want, and you have a quick, simple, and delicious meal!

Step 1: Ingredients

For this meal, you'll need:

Egg noodles
1 bottle Creamy Italian Dressing (or regular Italian if that's what you prefer)
2-3 chicken boneless chicken breasts (or equivalent of)

Romano and/or Parmesan Cheese

Could do with 1/2 a bottle of dressing
I'm sorry but there's nothing Italian inside this dish. You will never find chicken in an Italian pasta recipe, as you will never find someone in Italy putting salad dressing on some pasta. Actually you will never find Italian dressing at all, because of the fact Italians always dress salads only with olive oil, salt and vinegar. I don't want to hate or being offensive, but I'm from Italy and I like to honestly say how Italian cooking should be.
Well, I'm sorry if this offended you or anything, but the dressing I use is called Italian dressing and that is why it's named this. My husband created it and called it this, so I just shared it. Very interesting to know though.

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