Introduction: Italian Ricotta - From Milk or From Whey

What ?

Ricotta - great Italian cheese which can be made at home in just 5 minutes.

How ?

Ricotta can be created from whey or from milk. In fact, those who are making cheese will have a lot of whey. Ricotta is great way to utilize it. Of course ricotta can be made from normal milk from shop.

What is needed ?



Step 1: Prepare the Whey/milk

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First You need to heat the whey/milk to about 90 Celcius degrees (194 Faranheit).

Remember to not overheat/burn the milk because taste of the ricotta will be disgusting.

Step 2: Conjuring Up Ricotta From Milk

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The milk have to be sour and the best for that is normal vinegar.

Take 1/2 cup of vinegar and pour it to the milk. Mix it good with the spoon and then wait few minutes.

Step 3: Draining

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Take colander or sieve and put clean cloth in it. Pour milk.

Now You have ricotta but it is very wet and loose. You need to drain it a little bit more. Close the cloth (as on video attached to this instructable) and put a big cup/pot with water on it. Leave whole for a while.

After few minutes remove ricotta from the sieve.

Step 4: Variations

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Great, You have Your ricotta. You can enjoy it now.

Although I recommend to do some experiments.

  • You can add some sour cream to the cheese. It will be more ;juicy' then.
  • You can also add some spices to ricotta. For example basil or Herbes de Provance.
  • You can add sugar or

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Laotiantwinkie7 (author)2016-10-20

Would this work with other milk varities? For example goats milk, chocolate milk, etc...

hm.. i don't think that it will work for chocolate milk;)

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