Introduction: Italian Sausage Soup

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In this Intractable, I'm going to show you how to make an Italian Sausage Soup. It is absolutely delicious! Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Shred Your Onions, Carrots and Celery

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Get your onions, carrots, and celery together. You are going to need a whole onion, four celery sticks and four carrots. You can do more or less depending on your tastes.

Step 2: Sauté

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Add two tablespoons coconut oil and allow it to heat up slightly. Your heat should be between medium and high. When it is warm, then add the carrot, celery, onion mix. Put your lid on and allow it to cook.

Step 3: Polish Sausage

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As you wait for your sauté mix to cook, you can cut your polish sausage. I got fully cooked polish sausage from ALDI. It works really well and has delicious flavor! I am using two 13 oz. polish sausages. It is a lot, but for the amount of soup I am making, it works perfectly.

When you are cutting the sausage, you are going to want to cut it little circles slightly less then half an inch in width. If you want smaller pieces, you can slice the sausage in half, then cut. In the picture above, I did both to demonstrate.

Step 4: Add Sausage

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By this time, your vegetable mix should be nicely sautéd. With your sausages cut, add them to the mix and put the lid back on to let the sausages cook. Make sure you stir the sausages in so that they are incorporated in the mix and not just on top.

Step 5: Add Garlic

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You definitely want garlic in your soup! Add three cloves of minced garlic.

Step 6: Add Water

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I used eight cups of water.

Step 7: Add Broth

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Add four cups beef broth.

Step 8: Add Diced Tomatoes

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Add three cups diced tomatoes.

Step 9: Add Red Wine

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Add one cup red wine. This makes such a huge difference in the flavor! It adds such a unique taste to the soup!

Step 10: Seasonings

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Seasonings are the best!

One tablespoon basil

One tablespoon oregano

Two teaspoons paprika

1/4 teaspoon cayenne

Step 11: Add Salt and Pepper

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Add salt and pepper. I didn't really measure how much I used, I just went off of taste.

Step 12: Simmer

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Allow soup to simmer for 20-30 minutes. It just blends all the flavors together and heats it all up at the same time.

Step 13: Toppings

Something to add to your soup that makes it so good is cheese! When you have served out a bowl, just add a pinch or so of cheese! If you want to make it look nicer and add to its flavor, add a fresh sprig of basil.

Step 14: Enjoy!

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P.S. This recipe serves about 12-15 people, so feel free to halve it!


Tiger_Jack (author)2017-10-09

This is not an italian dish... :-(

Anna-Grace (author)Tiger_Jack2017-10-10

This is based off of Italian tortellini soup.

Swansong (author)2017-10-09

Yum! That looks delicious!

Anna-Grace (author)Swansong2017-10-09

Thank you!

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