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About: I was born and raised in Vailsburg area of Newark, NJ....and moved out to Hunterdon County, NJ after I got married. We now live in Toms River, NJ....I was in construction for most of my life designing and ...

I crochet and knit items to order from my group of customers. I have made a custom poncho for Jeff Gordon's baby girl Ella Sophia...the shoulder has snaps so it can be easily put on and taken off...and of course has a 24 and flames to show she is a supporter of her Dad. Enjoy!



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    Thank you......I was very lucky, my step-mom and her sister were very talented and both worked with me to teach me to knit and crochet at a very young age.....This is just a small sample of some of the items I have made. I crochet blankets for hospice patients....and am doing two that will be auctioned off by the Cancer Society in Toms River NJ this Spring for breast cancer. Gloria

    These are gorgeous...i always have a hard time finding crochet patterns for things that don't look too old fashioned and for boys it's even harder but these are great!!!!

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    Do a search on the Internet for free crochet patterns....there are a ton of them out there....I also found a company that uses "scaps".....great patterns of every kind...including sweaters. Also....Lions has some great patterns for boys as does NY yarns....if you need more...let me know....I actually have three big drawers filled with patterns...and not enough hours in a day to make them all. Thanks for your comment!

    Neat! I love the Pooh bear, and the penguin ones. A great idea would to put these all in separate Slideshows, then that would give you a greater chance of winning the random winner (in addition to any of the other ones you might win in). You don't have to do that, because that would be quite a lot of work, but that's just a heads up if you want. P.S. Some of the pictures were repeated.

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    Thanks...I'm new here...and probably loaded it do I do it in separate slide shows...anything you could instruct me on ...I would greatly appreciate it....did you see the poncho I made for Jeff Gordon's daughter??? Got a really nice thank you note from them.... Thanks again! Gloria

    No no, everything is perfect! I'm just saying, each picture could be put in different Slideshows with a description of each one, with the yarn you used, etc. But, that would take quite a while. Nothing is wrong with all of them in one Slideshow, but if they were all separate, then you could have a bigger chance of getting the random winner prize (in addition to anything else you may win).

    Thanks....I'm definitely short on time...doing too many projects at the moment...but thank you for your comments. I think I accidentally put the poncho up there a way to take one out???? Thanks for your help!

    Okay, click your account name in the right top corner of any page on Instructables. Click on the slideshow, and click "edit." Then you can edit anything in the Slideshow.

    Thanks for your help! Gloria