Introduction: Its My Pencil!

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Have you give a pencil to somone who chew the corner of the pencil? If you gave and it came with chewed, so this instructable will work for you. It will also helps you to find your pencil.

Step 1: Materials Needed

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Colour tape

Step 2:

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Wrap the end of the pencil with colour tape.

Step 3:

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Use your fingers while wrapping, it will do perfect.

Step 4:

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Completed. :)


darrenhall (author)2016-09-12

Clever idea - I do something similar
I keep my pencil up my nose.
I never seem to need to lend it to anyone.
If I do lend it - no one ever chews the end.

Only kidding - glad you found a way to know where your gear is.
See ya

Simran Sharma (author)darrenhall2016-09-12


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