What this project is able to do is that when put into soil the soil moisture sensor is able to detect the amount of water in the soil and display the amount on the LCD screen. Then depending on the amount of water a corresponding light color LED will light up based on the appropriate amount of water. When the amount of water gets too low the light will flash red and the piezo buzzer will make a chirp noise allerting you to water the plant.

Step 1: Requirements

To be able to complete this project you need to be able to do the following things:

1. Wire a circuit according to a Fritzing diagram

2. Soldering header pins and wires

3. Access to a laser cutter and knowledge on how to use it (Optional-To cut out enclosure)

Required Software:

1. Arduino (Required to push code)

2. Adobe Illustrater (Required for enclosure)

3. Fritzing software (Optional- For further detail on the circuit)

<p>That looks good :) I really need something like this for my mini roses!</p>

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