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Hey there! I'm Stephanie, and you can find me over at my blog Pinafores & Pinwheels. I wanted to share this simple sundress tutorial in time for summer vacation! It is so easy to  make and I hope you try it!

This dress is so, so, so easy that even a beginner can make it and the options are endless. I promise! So here we go!
Gather your supplies, you’ll need:
  • Fabric: around a yard depending on size.
  • Cording or ribbon: I used 2 yards of 3.2mm cording.
  • Eyelets: I used 3/16” silver eyelets. I only use the kind that have a top and bottom, I swear they are the only kind that work.
  • Ribbon for bodice: I used 3/4 yard of 1.5” navy grosgrain.
  • Any decorative trim you want along the hem. I used more of the bodice ribbon, cording, eyelets and some white ruffled trim. Make sure to include the extra yardage when purchasing the trims.
  • Matching thread.

Step 1:

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Start by getting a chest measurement of your child and deciding on the length of your dress, I wanted mine to end at about knee length. To get your fabric dimensions take the chest measurement and double it, that will be your width. For the length dimension take your desired dress length measurement and add 4”. My daughter’s chest measurement is 23”, which doubles to almost exactly the width of the fabric, so I skimped by an inch. Shh…don’t tell. I wanted it to be 24” long so I cut it at 28” long. The resulting piece was 45”x28”.
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Adorable! Really lovely work.
HollyMann3 years ago
This is so cute! And I love your website and the beautiful clothes you're making for your daughter!
Zovitch3 years ago
awesome !!
That is so cute! I love how the top cinch makes the straps of the dress :D