Introduction: Its All About Cycling

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I raise rabbits. In addition to making great pets and nutritious food, they also supply one of the best natural fertilizers out there.

Step 1: Pick a Spot

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I chose this overgrown area that does not get too much direct sunlight. Where I live in Virginia, sometimes plants just cannot stand direct sunlight all day in addition to the oppressive summer heat.

Step 2: Dig

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I don't use a tiller. I use a pitch fork to remove the weeds and turn the soil.

Step 3: Recycle

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Next I recycle the weed into food for the rabbits.

Step 4: Yum

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They enjoy the fresh greens and the fiber is good for their diet.

Then they do the natural thing and poop.

Step 5: Another Step in the Cycle

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Chickens actually enjoy eating the rabbit droppings. After they have scratched through and taken what they have wanted from the fresh dropping, the manure is ready to go into the garden.

Step 6: Good Eggs

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Of course first the chickens make some fresh delicious eggs.

Step 7: Plant & Fetilize

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Here I have planted some spaghetti squash and added a wheel barrow full of rabbit droppings.

Everyone is happy!


kittycat333 (author)2016-01-30

what is that image of.

mom23840 (author)kittycat3332016-01-31

baby bunnies

Chicken and rabbit poop is great fertilizer! I bet those spaghetti squash are going to be amazing!

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