Picture of firewood jewelry box
a few years ago I was into making boomerangs .and after making three from regular plywood with great success i decided to make one using oak from firewood .so i made some boards and did just that .but since valentine's day was approaching i decided to make more boards from fire wood and some old cedar siding to make an heirloom quality jewelry box for my girlfriend .i wasn't nearly as far along as i hoped I'd be when valentine's day came around but she loved the thought .i just finished the jewelry box and I hope yall like it as much as she does

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials

-safety glasses
-ear protection
-leather work gloves


-wood planner
-table saw
-compound miter saw
-micro plane
-sand paper (80 and 250 grit)
-palm sander
-drill press
-cordless drill
-small drill bit
-hand saw
-router and router table
-assorted router bits
-belt sander
-osculating orbital sander
-utility knife
-ball peen hammer
-assortment of clamps
-hatchet or roofing hammer


-firewood (oak in this case)
-old cedar siding
-minwax polyurethane clear gloss spray
-wood glue
station4205 years ago
Looks great!
GREAT JOB! Had to shout that. Great use of Firewood. My Father and I do alot of woodwork, but he always buys wood by the linear foot, and still needs to plane it to make it useful. Love the instructible.