Step 4: Add Toppings and Enjoy!

Next cut two little tiny squares of butter with a razor blade and place them on top of your stack of pancakes. Add a few cut down strawberries to the side, or on top. Top with a dollop of maple syrup. Admire your handiwork, then eat it!
looks tasty
They used to be called silver dollar pancakes when my kids were little.
this is cute, but ridiculous.
These are so adorable!
These are SO cute! I love them! :)
These are SO cute! I love them! :)
Are you able to use the mix from the box? will it have the same result?
pancake bite?
Im guessing the sole purpose of this was so you could finally use that little plate hu? lol
Completely pointless, but awesome!
Completely pointless, but awesome!
Completely Silly, but Fun. :)
Awww! Sooo cute! <br>
Pretty cool...Not very filling I would think though. =C <br>But still fun looking!
No...definitely wouldn't fill me up
When I was a kid I would make small pancakes and call them GI Joe pancakes
ah ya GI Joes were the best!
Those are awesome! The giant strawberries were a good touch. :D

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