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Picture of Itty-Bitty-Teeny-Tiny-Faux-Cones
QUESTION:  What is a fun, easy treat that...
  • ...travels well?
  • ...has the possibility of offering 12 seconds of entertainment to a kid's lunch bag?
  • ...is appreciated at any potluck?
ANSWER:  Why none other than the... (cue for exciting music) ...I-B-T-T-F-C!!!  

As the kids play with this yummylishous goodie, adults can snack away without anyone knowing how many they've consumed (especially since calories don't count while standing around).

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Step 1: Just a few items required...

Picture of Just a few items required...
  • Leftover frosted cake, or if you prefer...make a cake and frost it 
  • Mini ice cream cups
  • Candy Melts
  • Sprinkles
  • M&Ms (optional)

Step 2: Mix it up...

Picture of Mix it up...
Place the frosted cake in a bowl and using your (clean!) hands, combine the frosting and cake until you can form a smooth dough ball.

Step 3: Stuff it...

Picture of Stuff it...
Pinch a piece of the dough and place it in the mini cone.

Using the palm of your hands, roll another piece of dough into a ball and secure it on top of the cone.

Chill approximately 1/2 hour, or until the top dough ball is firmly set on the stuffed cone when turned on it's side.

Step 4: Dip it...

Picture of Dip it...
Following manufacturer's directions, heat the candy melts until smooth.

Dip the chilled cones into heated candy melts and add candy sprinkles.  (I like to place a M&M on top)

Let cool and enjoy!
Those r soo cute!
poofrabbit1 year ago
Congratulations on your runner up prize win in the play with you food contest! I have them on my list of food I need to make! :)
michael631 year ago
Those look really yummy!
This looks like something I can handle. Very pretty!
yum...now make a GF version and I won't be able to stop!
I've seen cake baked right in the cup.
But I like this a lot.
sprnklz541 year ago
Those look awesome! I will have to try this!
kcli (author)  sprnklz541 year ago
Oooohh...I hope you do! ;-)
Genius! These are so cute! So have to make these.
kcli (author)  MagicMusicMystery1 year ago
Funny, for some reason little food looks so much more appealing than oversized portions. I guess I figure I'll be eating less if I go with smaller portions, but in truth I end up eating 4X as much.
poofrabbit1 year ago
So stinkin' cute!
kcli (author)  poofrabbit1 year ago
mehlani1 year ago
These are so awesome and creative! I am not a big fan of cake but for some reason love cake pops. These have the candy coating and taste just like them. Now I don't have to throw leftover cake out anymore. :)
kcli (author)  mehlani1 year ago
Haha...my mom is always pushing leftover cake on me to take home. I should have her make these instead!
parisusa1 year ago
kcli (author)  parisusa1 year ago
Fun too! :-)