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Picture of Itty-Bitty-Teeny-Tiny-Faux-Cones
QUESTION:  What is a fun, easy treat that...
  • ...travels well?
  • ...has the possibility of offering 12 seconds of entertainment to a kid's lunch bag?
  • ...is appreciated at any potluck?
ANSWER:  Why none other than the... (cue for exciting music) ...I-B-T-T-F-C!!!  

As the kids play with this yummylishous goodie, adults can snack away without anyone knowing how many they've consumed (especially since calories don't count while standing around).

Step 1: Just a few items required...

Picture of Just a few items required...
  • Leftover frosted cake, or if you prefer...make a cake and frost it 
  • Mini ice cream cups
  • Candy Melts
  • Sprinkles
  • M&Ms (optional)
Those r soo cute!
poofrabbit1 year ago
Congratulations on your runner up prize win in the play with you food contest! I have them on my list of food I need to make! :)
michael631 year ago
Those look really yummy!
This looks like something I can handle. Very pretty!
yum...now make a GF version and I won't be able to stop!
grannyjones2 years ago
I've seen cake baked right in the cup.
But I like this a lot.
sprnklz542 years ago
Those look awesome! I will have to try this!
kcli (author)  sprnklz542 years ago
Oooohh...I hope you do! ;-)
Genius! These are so cute! So have to make these.
kcli (author)  MagicMusicMystery2 years ago
Funny, for some reason little food looks so much more appealing than oversized portions. I guess I figure I'll be eating less if I go with smaller portions, but in truth I end up eating 4X as much.
poofrabbit2 years ago
So stinkin' cute!
kcli (author)  poofrabbit2 years ago
mehlani2 years ago
These are so awesome and creative! I am not a big fan of cake but for some reason love cake pops. These have the candy coating and taste just like them. Now I don't have to throw leftover cake out anymore. :)
kcli (author)  mehlani2 years ago
Haha...my mom is always pushing leftover cake on me to take home. I should have her make these instead!
parisusa2 years ago
kcli (author)  parisusa2 years ago
Fun too! :-)