This is a quick, easy project to build a tiny vibrating robot, a vibrobot. Vibrobots dance around typically by having an off-balance motor make them jiggle.

This one uses a vibrating motor from an old cell phone, a 3V watch battery, and a paper clip. A little soldering, some hot glue, and you've got a vibrobot!

Step 1: Gather Materials

Here's what you'll need:
1. A watch battery (I used a 3V, but you can probably use whatever you find)
2. A motor from an old cell phone
3. A big paper clip
4. Soldering iron, solder, flux (optional)
5. Hot glue gun
6. Electrical tape
7. Sharpie or other dark marker

Optional but helpful:
8. Metal file
9. Rubbing alcohol
10. Needlenose pliers for the bending
it is the simplest vibrobot in all.
 Too bad this is technically not a real robot.  A robot must respond to stimuli. However, vibrobots are always fun anyway.  Good instructable!
Actually when you bump it thats a stimuli and when you bump them they go the other way don't they?
I suppose, if you were to interpret it VERY liberally.
I like getting technical
Superb. Fun and fast!
could you turn one of these into a water strider robot?
a strider bot is much different, check out the instructible for it!
You could also use a vibrating motor from a cheap vibrating motor from walmart.
Please do not solder to the battery, someday it will explode and you will get hurt. I am very concerned.
can you user a pager motor instead of using vibrating motor that looks like a watch battery...??
I'm going to add floats like the stride bot to this!!
Hehe, now all you have to do is put it in a fake cockroach and take it to Denny's!
Lmfao. Outback Steakhouse might be a more appropriate target. I have actually seen a cockroach there!
or some really high class restaurant
Or Waffle House. Cockroaches love that place.
Yeah... But I don't have any future in-laws who work there.... But could still work =)<br/>
I found a way to remotely activate it and put it on my teacher's chair this morning!
i just made one, its awesome!!! I'm taking it to school tommrow
If you have trouble soldering to a battery or other smooth surface than a drop of soldering acid on it will rough up the surface enough that it stichs better that solder to solder.
an easier way to do it is use a file or sand paper (lots cheaper also). the only reason i use these 2 is cause no where i no sells solder acid
Good its good as fun but I think if we do in this way lots of other ideas will come to other so you have done a good thing. I did not found your frofile but I think you are in good age and doing good, carry on God bless you.
Umm... it might have been done before:<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/cool-spiders/">coll spiders</a><br/>
This is a variation, get a soul. BTW: Great job Pepik.
OOOH, harsh. :)
this be cool for prank you no.
hey pepik what kind of cell u get the motor ouf of
The motor came out of a Samsung A460 that I used to use on Sprint's network.
hehe...love this bug +1
I have so many potentially wrong things to comment right now, so I'll save you guys the trouble: (Post Removed By Community Request )
Oh yeah, And great instructable!
awesome! looks easy and cheap
it looks like a sad face lol
Although it's durn cute, it's not BEAM.
Whoops, you're right. Corrected. Thanks!

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