With two grandsons 5 & 2, I’m pretty culturally literate about Lighting & friends, Ryder & his four-footed buddies, and Jake & his little band of pirates. Last year for Halloween, grandson Tyler, wanted me to dress as Izzy as he was dressing as Jake. As my hair is short & gray, I needed a wig. I designed one with yarn sewn into a bandana. The idea could be adapted to other costume needs.


  • 1 yard woven pink fabric
  • 1 skein yarn, I used a super bulky yarn by Lion Brand Yarns, Hometown USA in Chicago Charcoal
  • 1 foot of double fold bias tape in purple
  • Sewing machine/matching thread
  • Sewing tools, scissors and/or rotary cutter
  • Cutting board or something thing to wrap around
  • Clear tapePainter’s tape

Step 1: On Center Edge of the Cutting Mat Lay Out a Piece of Clear Tape, Sticky Side Up at Least 9” Long. With Painter’s Tape, Tape the Sticky Tape at 1” & 8” As You’re Making 7” of Hair”

Step 2: Starting at One Edge, Wrap Yarn Making Sure to Keep the Rows Parallel on the Sticky Tape. I Used the Entire Skein.

Step 3: Once Wrapped Add Strips of Tape on Each End, Over the Center, Turn the Cutting Board Over, and Add Sticky Tape to the Left & Right of Center.

Cut down the center of the yarn with scissors or a ruler and rotary cutter. Don’t remove any of the clear tape. Set hair aside & make bandana.

Step 4: Cut or Tear the Pink Fabric Into a 29 - 30” Square

Step 5: With Right Sides Together Fold Into a Triangle. Stitch Using a 1/2” to 5/8” Seam (my Edges Did Not Quite Line Up So I Used a Wider Seam Allowance).

Leave an opening to turn. Trim corners, and turn right side out through opening. Press & stitch opening closed.

Step 6: With the Folded Edge Away From You, Fold Bandana in Half Point to Point. Steam Press a Crease Down the Center From Fold to Back Point.

Step 7: On the Back Side of the Crease, Measure Down 6” From the Fold, Mark This With a Pin or Tape

Step 8: Place the Hair at the Above Mark, Tape in Place With Painter’s Tape at Both Start & Stop

Machine stitch with small straight stitch down the center of the tape, backstitching at stop & start

Step 9: Press Open the Purple Bias Tape, Cut 2 5’ Pieces. Fit Bias Tape Around Pigtails, Pin, Hand or Machine Stitch Closed

I simply folded the raw edges under & topstitched ends together.

Step 10: Add a Pink Top, Scallop Cut the Sleeves & Hem, Add a Shoestring Criss Cross Closure, Purple Pants, Large Hoop Earrings, Boots & You Have Yourself an Izzy Costume, But It My Case, It’s an Izzy Grandma Costume!

<p>The pixie dust is what really ties this costume into the character. </p><p>&quot;And I've got my pixie dust 'cause the fairies gave it to me, so that we can use it to fly, but only in emergencies.&quot; (Yup, that's from memory thanks to watching the show with my son).</p><p>I was afraid that you weren't going to include the bag in your costume, but I'm glad to see it was there in your final pictures.</p><p>Good 'ible. This is an easily adapted technique that can be used on other costumes too. Thanks!</p>
<p>Thanks! Glad you like.</p>

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