Picture of J5 Barricade Shotgun
A true, pump action shotgun. Now with real stock!
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Step 1: Peice List


Dark Gray - 79
Light Gray - 3
Orange - 33
Red - 11
Green - 59
Yellow - 66
Dark Blue - 12
White - 10


Green - 76
White - 22
Blue - 29
Yellow - 9
Red - 11
Gray - 10


'Y' Clips - 11
Socket Clips - 2
Ball Joints - 1
Tan Clips - 7
Blue Spacers -31
Silver Spacers - 12

*This list is pieces to build one shell and the stand
**This list may be slightly inaccurate

Step 2: Barrel

Picture of Barrel
Make the barrel.


1. Sides
2. Top
3. Bottom
4. Assembled
5. Connection for pump slide goes on bottom.

Step 3: Pump

Picture of Pump
Build the pump. This is a version of the pump used on the OSNJCKMA2, pretty much the greatest gun ever


1. Pump segment
2. Put 8 segments on, spaced with gray connectors
3. Rear of the pump. Pushes the ram rod back
4. Attach the rear of the pump
5. Front of the pump. The ball joint is where the rubber band attaches
6. Sliders. The pump slide goes thru here

Step 4: Breech

Picture of Breech
The breech of the shotgun (where you load the shells)


1. Top view
2. Bottom
3. Some more of the top
4. Add this thing to the bottom
5. Add orange supporters
6. Finished

Step 5: Body

Picture of Body
The bulk of the gun.


1. One side of the frame (make two of these)
2. Put them together like this (notice the blue connecting rods and the slight changes on the side facing you)
3. This holds the back of the pump slide. Attaches to the underside of the body
4. Spacer. Holds the sides apart at the bottom
5. Put on spacer

Step 6: Stock

Picture of Stock


1. The attached butt of the stock
2. Skeleton of the butt
3. Top of the butt
4. Bottom of the butt
5. Connect like so (only top is shown connected. Bottom goes on the same way)

This next part is sorta hard to show because this part of the stock is built into the body.

6. Boundary between the body and the stock
7. Middle of the stock
8. End of the stock
9. Whole stock
10. Underside
11. Underside of front
12. Details
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plumeri11 year ago
Seriously?what a shame it's an awesome gun
Made this gun. Unfotunately, didnt have 'nuff pieces to build a shell but the gun itself is epic! 5/5
sdds4 years ago
do you need the decapitated grey connector?
MattJoeP sdds3 years ago
Unfortunately yes, I tried to see if a ball joint socket would work and there are key differences between them. The "decapatated" grey connector has no "snap" to hold the ball in and therefore, the shell can move smoothly. The ball hub has little ridges or extra length to the curve which allows the ball to be snapped into the socket. Hope this helps!
Andrew59093 years ago
is it possible to build this with ten less dark grey connectors? cause i don't have that many peices.
liusaaaa16 years ago
you know how to soind the yellowshould be a grey what grey the realy long one?
DRADIS (author)  liusaaaa16 years ago
Yes, a long gray rod
ramen43 DRADIS4 years ago
how far does it shoot
at least i have on lol jk
Bad jokes, don't do them.
ramen434 years ago
EdgarU4 years ago
i always wanted to build this gun, but i never got the amount of knex. Its been like 1 year from that and i finally got them, I am going to build it right away
ninjakoi4 years ago
i love this gun. it was the first ever knex weapon i built. but i never got it to fire properly.
i'm thinking of makeing this for a knex war my frend and i are going to have, is there any way to make the shell bigger? (ea fire white rods instead of green)
weird en it
jakesllama6 years ago
thanks a bunch for listing these i know if i have enough peices!!!
do you need that many y clips
rrr674 years ago
where do u get the brown half-circle connectors?????
ponddust1 rrr674 years ago
i think there white they do the same as the yellow ithink its just the lighting.
jack6915 years ago
i made a rael shotgun stock and handle and made the barrel a litol loger and it looks like a real shotgun
clader15 years ago
is it just me or can i not see most the pics plz help me i wanna make it : (
imadork clader15 years ago
yea i cant eather
~Aeronous~5 years ago
is this mag fed? or do you need to load shells in after every pump?
Matt247Matt5 years ago
hi DRADIS im new and im building ur gun but i cant see where the block trigger is. I cant see it plzzz culd you help thanks
 you stole my name!
AgentCWG5 years ago
This is a good gun, I removed the stock stregnthened the handle and removed the barrel on my own one. I find mine doesn't shoot great lengths but I believe that is due to the bands I used.
DJ Radio5 years ago
How many bands can the pump handle max?
~Aeronous~5 years ago
how many shots can u fit in the mag?
a nice gun, not flemsy at all and it has pretty good range. i love the pump action.
Lowney5 years ago
It looks a bit flimsy to me. Is it sturdy? Can someone other than DRADIS tell me (I'm not saying that he's a liar, he just might be 'optimistic' about his own gun.)
Raiden97 Lowney5 years ago
im building it right now, ill tell you
Lowney Raiden975 years ago
K thanks!
Raiden97 Lowney5 years ago
Actually this isnt flimsy that much, it wont bend that much for me
Lowney Raiden975 years ago
:D Check out my new sniper instructable!
What is Y clips
you can easily tell, it looks like a Y, it also hooks on to ball joints and the side of a rod
Unseen9975 years ago
can you use something else for the ammo like blue rods?
NYPA5 years ago
Would it be of high recommendation to use a tan and black rod?
NYPA5 years ago
Holy camoli! i can build it!
Also after I put the dental floss behind the vertical white peg what do I do with it?
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