Made a boombox out of a jack daniels tin from costco.

Inside is laminated with this "ballistic" dynamat knockoff stuff that was kinda cheap from pep boys. Works perfect.

Spikes I had laying around from an old project when I was younger...couldnt really think of anything cool that was free to attach the speakers with so they went on.

Future  plans are probably make it bluetooth.


SPEAKERS- yes they are 8ohm. Somehow I thought they were 4.... but they still sound amazing even cranked up.


These instructables helped me brain storm, learn how to pair speakers and amps and build this project and another much larger boombox i'm working on.


Whodonny (author)2016-11-02

how long ago did you buy the tin, I can't find one. Thx

ARGMISTER (author)Whodonny 2016-12-22

I had it for a yr or so. I think they have them around the holidays probably

MidnightMaker (author)2013-04-26

Looks good - now we just need to know what happened to the bottle :-)

sawaustin (author)MidnightMaker2016-11-03


ARGMISTER (author)MidnightMaker2013-05-02

I plead the fifth....

sawaustin (author)ARGMISTER2016-11-03

HAHAHAHA good one! clever!

sammydogjj (author)2014-02-02

I have been looking for some info on what amp I should use for a pair of these speakers: and if you could tell me the best amp for these I would be very appreciative. I want to make a portable boombox.

ARGMISTER (author)sammydogjj2014-02-28

Using those speakers would make for a kinda large portable system but you could. First find the RMS rating for the speaker and find a amplifier that is good for 4ohms and puts out a RMS rating close to the RMS of the speakers. Now Im sure the RMS is around 60 watts or so and most amplifiers that have that much power will require a big battery to run cause of the AMPS they pull. If you want a small around the campfire kinda portable then check out for the amps and speakers on there, depending on your setup you could get just as loud in a much smaller package.

sammydogjj (author)ARGMISTER2014-04-10

Sorry for the late response, I had build mine before your reply and it turned out well.

sammydogjj (author)2014-02-02

Great apologies, I seem to have posted the wrong link. Here are mine

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