I always wanted to make an I'ble with a 'Mythbusters blueprint look' and since I didn't take pictures during this project I thought this might be the perfect occasion.

This isn't exactly another knife making I'ble.
It's about a journey to build a knife different from the others.
It's about a knife with a story. A knife I built just for myself, with a lot of scrap, filling spare time in my previous job.

I'll show you - again - that knifemaking is not a reserved playground for forgers & selected craftsmen - with all the respect I owe for those - but in the reach of everyone with basic tools.

To me, the aim of knifemaking is not about making the perfect blade. It's about having some good time building YOUR knife, or to build a knife for someone special.

This knife will be your knife. Custom.

Step 1: New life to old blades

No forgery in this I'ble, I started from an existing blade.
Flee markets are the perfect hunting ground fo find cheap & good blades. For a few bucks you'll buy an old machete, butchers' axe or sawblade. No matter how uggly it is, you'll make it better.

It all started with an old carbon steel machete I bought a few years ago. Manually forged, it had probably spent a lifetime in the vineyards of south France. I paid it half a dollar and it stayed untouched until the day I used the largest part of it to make a wood carving drill (the Lazy Carver, you know).

Looking at the uggly piece of scrap that remained I decided to make a new knife of it. Just for fun, just for myself.
Better use some spare time in the working day nicely than hangin' around . A few minutes here, half an hour there.
Very nice instructable. This is a fantastic twist for a knife & sheath. Thanks for the idea!
excellent twist on a old-but-awesome instructables topic i love the sheath btw
We should call it 'new beer in old barrels' ;)
Goed gedaan Bart

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Bio: I made a beer mug with only a knife & a hatchet. I think that says a lot about me.
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