Introduction: JALBK ( Just Another Lego Butterfly Knife)

Another lego butterfly knife

Step 1: Get All Ya Pieces in a Nice Pile

3 13 by 1 technic pieces
4 15 by 1 technic pieces
A technic T piece
6 blue three pin connectors
2 creme 3 pin connectors (must be creme)

Step 2: Get Ya Building On, Will Ya

Take 2 of ya 15 pieces and lay em side by side

Step 3: More Buildin

Put 2 blue 3 pin connectors in the bottom hole. Then put 2 creme 3 pin connectors in the top hole

Step 4: Even More Building

Take your T piece and put it through the creme pieces

Step 5: Ya Really Don't Me to Explain It Do You?

Put 2 of the 15 long technic pieces on the pins

Step 6: Next

Then put 2 blue pieces the T piece

Step 7: Almost Done

Add 1 13 technic pieces on the pins

Step 8: More Pins

Add your last blue pins onto the first 13 piece

Step 9: 2nd Last Step

Add a 13 pice onto the 2 blue pins on the blade

Step 10: Last Step

Add your last 13 piece on the pons u have available

Step 11:


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If you have a webcam or a digital camera you probably can take a video.

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