Introduction: JAMA PIZZA

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My group and i choose this recipe because we needed to make a healthy snack idea and with this being only 170 calories this was a great idea. plus it was very easy it took us only about five minutes,before baking it.

Step 1: Equipment

we used a knife, cheese grater, cutting board, spoon, metal cookie rack, and finally a oven.

Step 2: Ingredients

English muffin

Part skim cheese

Whole peeled tomato

Italian seasoning

Garlic powder




Step 3: Nutrients

water, iron, calcium,milk, sugars,protein, and finally iron.

Step 4: Sauce

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For the sauce we first open the can of tomatoes and added them to the blender and pulse them. After that we added them to a large mixer and mix them. finally we added the unprepared sauce into a pan and added basil,salt,pepper,garlic,and finally Italian seasoning. after all of that we cook the sauce a little more until we got the right taste.

Step 5: Grated the Cheese

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To make this snack a bit healthier we grated out own cheese.

Step 6: Make the Pizza.

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As easy as it looks it is first you cut the English muffin in half, then you add some sauce, and little cheese.

Step 7: Bake.

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Bake for ten to fifteen minutes.

Step 8: EAT!

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For this last step you take out the pizza and put it on a plate and eat it.

Step 9:


Yum! So easy and adorable!

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Bio: I am a Family and Consumer Science teacher at a school in Scranton, PA. My students create Instructables of the recipes we make in class.
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