Introduction: JAPANESE LAMP

How to build a beautiful and relaxing Japanese wood lamp


We will need:

Sander and file
Wood glue (cheap one)
Wood plates
Square and circular sticks
Semi-transparent paper
Computer and printer
Black paint

Step 2:

We will build as many floors as we want, in my case three. You can look on internet to see how Japanese Castles are.

Without fixing the pieces we try to build the skeleton to check if we will like the result.

Step 3:

Now we have to make a roof more Japanese style, so we will have to cut 4 triangles and to fix them on the last floor.

Step 4:

After that we will separate everything to start to fix them with glue. If we want we can use also little nails between the floors and the columns to fix them stronger.

We will start with the first floor and with the roof. As you can see in the next image, we have to use four little square columns at the bottom of the structure, to be able to install the cables for the lamp.

In every floor we will drill with a big tool (if we don't have it, we also use the saw) some holes as big as we can to leave the light cross though every floor until the top.

It is important also to use two plates with different sizes for the first floor, to be able to build there the fences in the next steps.
As you can see, now the roof has four sticks that will give a better appearance.

Step 5:

Once all the floors are completely fixed (maybe you should wait one day to be sure) we have to start with one of the most difficult parts: to make a frame for every window.

We will use the same square stick that we used in the roof.

There will be four pieces in each window, and with the file or the saw you will have to make them like in the image.

Once you will have four, you will only need to fix them like a puzzle.

Step 6:

Next two steps are optional, first of all we will change a little bit the roof to look more realistic. We have to do "waves" using the file in the sticks that we fixed in the roof.

The second step will be to build fences for each floor. Using circular sticks and the drill we will make 2 holes in each one, with approximately 90 degrees of difference. Also if you want, it would be a good idea to fix a little nail at the bottom of each one of the columns.

After that we will fix them in every corner and we will set inside of the holes the fences.

Now when all the glue will be dry we will sand it all. And it will be ready for painting.

Step 7:

In my case, I protected with adhesive paper the sticks from the top, to hold their natural color.

To set more decorative elements you should go to a Chinese shop and buy stuff like in the picture.

Now we will varnish all of those pieces that we want to hold with the color of the wood, including the pieces from the roof.

Step 8:

Next part is the computer part. we need the "Biombo" or paper with drawings that will cover every window.
The easy way is to find one image that you will like, in my case I decided that I liked one with colors, so I needed a program to split the colors in RGB until I found the image I wanted.

After that you just have to print them in the semi-transparent paper. I should look something like this.

It is important to remember that the light will cross only through the white parts, so try to don't use an image with too many details.

Step 9:

Now for the installation of the "Biombos" we just have to size the sheet and to cut it with the size of the window. It is better to leave the paper a little big bigger because you have to paste it from inside, so you will need a little bit of space to paste it to the columns.

You have to continue this process until you complete all the floors. Remember, you only have to cover 3 sides, because you will need the back to install the lights and for future maintenance.

Now we can say we have it almost ready! We just have to install a little led light, or if you prefer you can install one in each floor.

Step 10:

Elegant during the day... relaxing during the night.



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Oh that is amazing, I have make some lanterns but no one like a building good job


This is so beautiful. Well done!

Great guide. just finished mine. added a door at the back to access the light fitting.


does the lantern you made have 3 leds? one on each level looks great. a guide for setting that up would help.

definately going to make one. already gathering bits.

measurements if they help,
(diameters of bits)

square bits
15mm -20mm for supports
6mm for window frame

circle bits
6mm and 4mm (if available) for railing. some ice lollies have round sticks. I got a load of 6mm from some

1st floor 150mm
2nd 120mm
3rd 100mm

height as you please. make and space the railing and supports to fit base sizes.

can't wait to get going!

i sooooo love this

Pretty! It's soooooo cool.

Really nice.

If only the lamp was sold as a kit. I would absolutely LOVE to have one but I am unable to make it. Wonderful item