Hydraulic Arm From Syringes


Introduction: Hydraulic Arm From Syringes

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after getting my prize in spring cleaning challenge I'm more enthusiasm.If you are looking for easy to make and techy, this is the right place for you. All the material used is cheap and easily available at pharmacists.

Step 1: Material Required

Supplies required-

  1. 10 ml syringes X 10

  2. pipe (you can use the one used in water filters)

  3. wooden plank

  4. nuts and bolts

  5. nails

  6. angle brackets

  7. hot glue sticks

  8. 18mm drill bit

  9. wheels

  10. metal sticks(for wheels)

  11. wooden sticks(for arms)

tools required -

  • drill
  • glue gun
  • hammer
  • screw driver
  • filer

Step 2: Holes for Syringes

Drill 5 holes on the smaller wooden plank with 18mm flat drill bit

Step 3: Fixing Syringes

for fixing syringes use very hot hard glue.paste the glue on the syringe ends

Step 4: Making the Base Plate

take the 2 pieces and join them with help of angle brackets and secure them with screws

Step 5: Making the Base for Crane Arm

Step 6: Making Base Arms of the Crane

first cut the 2pieces of size-27cm. now drill 3 holes at distances of 2cm,12cm,25.5cm respectively from base in each as shown above.add the screws on all the holes as shown

Step 7: Making the Middle Arm for Crane

first cut the 2pieces of size-27cm . now drill 4 holes at distances of 1.5cm,12cm,23.5cm,26cm respectively from base in each as shown above.

Step 8: Grabber(hand of the Crane)

for making the grabber you need to kind of thin wood of size 9cmX6cm . now with help of a chisel cut out small squares out of that as shown above.now make them smooth with help of a filer.you need 2 same size pieces and a square block. join them with hot glue as shown in next step

Step 9: Hydraulics of the Crane

follow the steps as shown in the pictures.for joining the front of syringes i've used hose clamp and hobby clay.i tried other ways but they were useless.

Step 10: Final Model

hope you like it do not forget to vote :D

More posibilities

wheels can be added

a box for material can be added



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    at a departmental store

    you can get it from repair shops that repair water filters

    oh u r a smart guy .. @Bongmaster

    but why you have'nt make a car???

    Awsome project

    There are five pairs of syringes, but I can only see four pipes. Can you say what action each of the five pairs is doing? I need to know, cos I want to make this!

    1 reply

    yes sure.one is for base arm,one for middle and one for the claw.remaining two are for right and left movement and the one i did not use was for jack(because mine did not have tyres)it would be connected to two 5ml syringes

    A short video of your build in manipulative action would no doubt be most impressive.