This programmer supports pic10F, 12F, 16C, 16F, 18F,24Cxx Eeprom.

it works with Winpic800 and icprog .

We have succesfully tried it with some pics; 16f877a 16f84a 16f628 18f2550.


1. 40 Pin IC Base(2 pc).

2. 100uf /16v Capacitor(2 pc).

3. 1N4148 Zener Diodes (4 pc) or 1n4004 .

4. 5v1 Zener Diode (1 pc).

5. 8v1 Zener Diode (1 pc).

6. DB-9 Connector.

7. Led (1 pc).

8. 1k5 Resistor (1 pc).

9. 10k Resistor (1 pc).

10. transistor BC337 (2 pc).

Step 1: Circuit Schematic (Proteus ARES)

<p>hi nice to seeing your programmer then will you please send me the eagle file or pdf of the circuit to me or upload <br>and mail id is venkat46c@gmail.com</p>
muy bueno simple y eficaz, aunque no use el mismo circuito, pero con el mismo fin
<p>Nice. Thanks for sharing!</p>

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