Step 5:

5. Shape dough into roughly 1-inch balls. Roll in the extra jello from the packets.
Place about 2 inches apart, on cookie sheets with non stick paper on. Flatten with bottom of a bowl.
Don't make to flat because they do spread out when they bake so just flatten a little!
Um mine did not turn out so well the batter like turned into sand
i'm sorry but... what is jello?
<p>it is a brand name for flavored jello</p>
I made them and they are amazing!!!
<p>can you just use the flat beater from the start, or will that not work?</p>
<p>looking tasty yum</p>
<p>in love with the colors! </p>
These taste like a sugar cookie infused with fruit flavor lifesaver favors.
Can you substitute margarine for the butter? I'm lactose intolerant, so I try to avoid milk-based products like the plague.
I use Butter flavored Crisco for most all my cookies &amp; it works like a charm!
yea, I'm sure you can. Butter and margarine are allot the same so i think it would work fine..
Just made them, but flippin hell they are sweet. I think you can leave out half of all the sugar because of the jelly...
Anyone try it? I wanna know if they taste good or not. <br>
They taste like the flavor of the jello.... but I'm not sure how to explain it exactly. <br>There good, you should try them.!
Jello and Cookies in the same phrase? I'm so in! :D They must taste like heaven!
Love It! :)
gracias!! ;)
Beautiful! Very well done, &amp; great pictures!
thank you! :)

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