HI my name is jenffer a jay and i remake old tonkas in to r/c cars and trucks
right i am working on my newest one that a call "the mighty bee" it an 1976
mighty tonka dump truck

undate.. thanks .to razor 7177 and to ps 118 i redone "the mighty bee"

and soon i will post a video of the mighty bee soon

to see my newest one called the show bunny go to this link below

the newst one is here..

here the steps
the tonka
1 find a old tonka
2 take it apart
3 clean the parts
4 put back toherget the way it fit on the other part

the r/c
get one and
1 test it if it works (if you buy one used)
2 take off the unwanted car body

now the fun part

i use the following to tie the 2 haves together

all stainess steel clames
old meccano parts
jb weld
pumper putty

just make sure that don't tied in the battery
b..don't cover the off/ on button
c make sure the two hafes fit befor you start tie then in
d,, do a test drive too see it move ok and it fall a part

do the following if neened

paint the tonka hafe with rust coat paint

put back on all logos

add lights and sound

more to steps to come



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    i just added work lights

    today i add lights to my r/c

    could you actually mount a turret on the truck..?

    humm i haet to say this what is turret and why do need one ?

    heemmmm....its sort of a contraption i was thinkin' on putting on the truck......sorry i don't have the pics 4 it because i took it was basicly 2 modifyied micro servos held together with black double sided tape..the horizontal servo has a model gun attach 2 it and the vertical one is attach to the truck...but it was disasterous because it keeps on caming off...but good as a sentry any tips....pls.....!

    going to munt my cam there oh the way.. do you know to make dump by a drenffer rc set up that is next thing i like to do and add the lights too

    you could get a cheap plastic dump truck with same price at a flea market.....if your using a rc setup, you could attach a servo to the dump....could you post the pics of the rc setup so i can have a using a 4 channel flysky radio transmitter ith a fs 6 channel reciever...2 tower pro micro servo....

    i was think the same way but what size of one i was think about one about same size will do

    if u have a friend with a welding and sheet metal shear, u could actually build the dump your self....i can't say its cheap but it adds originality 2 your work....i hope this should help u....

    may be some day but i love take the old metal trucks and car and turning the into r/c cars

    ps did you have noted the new bigger wheels on this r/c