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We would like to present you our product - rocket launcher of JINX from League of Legends. This character is quite popular with cosplayers because of her extraordinary appearance. That’s why we decided to make the weapon for a pretty girl!

Step 1:

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Firstly we made a freehand sketch and then we transferred it into Fusion 360. We chose this tool, because it is rather simple and flexible.The proportions of the weapon were taken into account.

Step 2:

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We decided to make the product using 3D printer. We made about 65 spare parts. All of them were rather big, but our 5 printers managed to produce them in 4 days. We used ABS plastic as a material. Although this type of plastic is heavier than other materials, we chose it, because ABS plastic is easy-processing.

Step 3:

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The model was constructed around a plastic pipe, bought in ordinary hardware store.

Step 4:

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Painting was probably the most difficult stage. We had to polish and prime the product a lot. After painting the whole place was very dirty.

Step 5:

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Here you can see the result. Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that if you pull the trigger, the eyes of the shark will glow. Thank you for your attention!


Swansong (author)2017-10-12

That's an awesome prop :) I'd love to see more details on the patterns and how you made it.

ИванВ (author)Swansong2017-10-12

Thanks for the feedback, I can post the STL so you can use.

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2017-10-12

That came out amazing! Nice job :)

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