video JK's entry for the Anti-Yo Contest
here: http://www.stage6.com/user/kendziorno/video/2225947/anti-yo-video-contest--suicide-to-magic-knot high quality version.

well I can't give you an universal advice how to do this, it's one of these tricks, where you have to find your own way to make it, just practice till you feel this...
i recommend to watch the hq version on stage6, so you can see better what is going on.

have fun and don't give up to fast!
geez how are people so good at yoyo-ing? i could never do anything with a yoyo if my life depended on it. good video. very nice.
Nice. The black background makes the yoyo easy to see and works well with the youtube compression. Good job. Contest rules do require a tip, though, even if it's easy to figure out.
Cool video. A lot of cool ones are popping up, hope to see more!
Brennn107 years ago
That is a really well-made video. I like the conspicuous black look. Nice work, and good luck in the contest!