Let's start a DESIGN-RIOT!

We invented a dress that is created by NONE of us, instead - created it with THE WORLD. With YOU! By submitting your own element to us to be connected all together into one dress! It's time to collect about 150 parts from ALL over the world;

Get your printer started! -


- download the file
- redesign, customise or just print in a cool color or material
- sent to us
- leave name, age, country, e-mail (to be updated) and a cute or personal note;

* follow this INSTRUCTABLE on 'how to'

Let’s get busy! Come play.


Anouk Wipprecht x Polaire

Step 1: DOWNLOAD the Particle

Download and edit the base file of the particle through the following file:

(our customised base to play with)

If you experience any difficulties - please let me know,
we are also busy creating a simplistic flat base, that
you might be able to build upon!

<p>I made one on my MB Rep 2X. I used the default MB support and it easily comes off.</p>
I am so excited upon hearing of your design initiatives! Actually, I thought you had found a material that could project tiny almost microscopic images all over the dress of which the world could submit, widening the participants involved in the design. But I am excited to learn this art of 3D printing because your concept has invited us in! I hope, if a smart material does not already exist with the capabilities to project the data I see in my head into a material, that it manifests soon. Thank you for taking the leap into so many complex realms of inspiration. I can't wait to jump on board to support your efforts!
<p>I sketched these two designs for a project but can't 3D print them (my skills are lacking), anyone is welcome to use them</p>
<p>Join in everyone!! Make a particle! We need you - we got 150 stories to collect &lt;3 See what amazing things YOU can do with it ^^</p>
<p>Hi Anouk! Outstanding project. Would you mind sharing the code for NeoPixel animations? As you said in one of your article, it makes 3D Printing expressive. </p>
<p>do you still collect pieces??? would love to do one!</p><p>(www.rchitects.net)</p>
<p>Kitty Particle v1.0</p>
<p>omigosh!! that is so cool &amp; adorable! :D</p>
<p>haha LOVE it! Did you placed it on TinkerCAD? https://tinkercad.com/tags/ParticleDress</p>
<p>Where can we see the end result?</p>
<p>very cool project! i made a diamond element and probably will make some more. here's a link <a href="https://tinkercad.com/tags/ParticleDress" rel="nofollow">https://tinkercad.com/tags/ParticleDress</a></p>
<p>You have to sign-up to tinkercad to download the STL.</p><p>Can you place a copy here? (I design with OpenSCAD)</p>
<p>Good one! Let 's fix this. </p>
<p>Now we must design it with the contactless led light </p>
<p>awesome idea. beautiful models as well. i havent been able to watch &quot;project runway&quot; in a few years since i dont pay for cable TV but doing a dress using a 3D printer would be an awesome challenge for them! only problem is, they need to print ALL of the elements in like a day and, as far as i know, 3D printers arent that fast yet! have fun and PLEASE post the results for us!!</p>
<p>Great Inscrutable, Excellent idea and well executed project. To take the diatoms (form of life they belong to algae) as an example of structure and form to apply in particles used to made a dress or everything else is that i call genius mind</p><p>bravo......</p>
<p>My wife said that your beautiful idea reminded her of fuxico (pronounced fushico) from the Northeast of Brazil. This artform uses fabric of different colors that are folded into patterns, stitched, and put together for everything from dresses to lampshades. (<a rel="nofollow">http://artesanato.culturamix.com/blog/wp-content/u...</a></p><p>You might enjoy seeing this if you didn't already know about it. Your project is wonderful - can't wait to see the final product!</p>
very futurestic design and amazing project...
The future is here.
<p>What an awesome idea!</p>
You should take a look at pollen close up. Especially the tropical ones. You may also like to look into diatoms.
I love this idea! It would be great to weave some EL-wire in there. Not sure about the power supply for this though, it might get a bit bulky.

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