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Let's start a DESIGN-RIOT!

We invented a dress that is created by NONE of us, instead - created it with THE WORLD. With YOU! By submitting your own element to us to be connected all together into one dress! It's time to collect about 150 parts from ALL over the world;

Get your printer started! -


- download the file
- redesign, customise or just print in a cool color or material
- sent to us
- leave name, age, country, e-mail (to be updated) and a cute or personal note;

* follow this INSTRUCTABLE on 'how to'

Let’s get busy! Come play.


Anouk Wipprecht x Polaire

Step 1: DOWNLOAD the Particle

Download and edit the base file of the particle through the following file:

(our customised base to play with)

If you experience any difficulties - please let me know,
we are also busy creating a simplistic flat base, that
you might be able to build upon!

Step 2: CUSTOMISE the Particle

What happens next is up to you! Remodel the element, add some extras on top, create a whole new feature for the dress consisting of several elements or just print it in another colour. We will gather all the parts and connect them. The result will be a collective collaborative design, unconstrained by geographical separation – a dress telling hundreds of different stories from all around the world.

option #1 REDESIGN
Redesign and print your particle


ThinkerCAD is here used to operate the design process. TinkerCAD is a simple way to design 3D printable, delightful little things without any previous design expertise. Just open the browser and start creating!

Don't try to pull the base shape + holes too much out of measure,
since it will be one universal way how everything will be connected.

For the rest: go LOOSE! I wanna see HEART SHAPES, GLOWING ROUNDABOUTS, maybe you want to print your LETTER on the element, or a little MESSAGE? Or just customise the MAIN SHAPE slightly while adding some sparkle.

Or simply change color, select your material and print in your 3D printer or at the 3D printing service you choose to use (see next page) I ended up using Vero Clear but I'd love myself some colours. My own favorite colours are purple, pink, and blue's. But paint them any color you like!

Step 3: INSPIRATION Needed?

Lacking of inspiration?

Look into elements, nature, things around you. Things that can communicate a message for you, whether that is a symbol like a small heart, typographical like a text or a name, or something more abstract, architectural or mechanic. But also intuitively in design, by pushing and pulling the base shape out of proportion, you can come up with interesting ideas.

Personally, I always love to look at Ernst Haeckel's nature illustrations and radiolarians and microscopic organisms, things that you can't catch with the normal eye. Do you know Ernst Haeckel?

A good movie to recommend is Protheus: and animated documentary that weaves poetry and oceanography, technology, history and myth to tell the story of this 19th century biologist, who found in the depths of the sea an ecstatic and visionary fusion of science, and art

Step 4: 3D PRINT the Particle

Sent your file to your 3D printer!

If you DO NOT own an 3D printer, there are a few possibilities:

#1 Go to your local MakerSpace or HackerSpace
First off - this is cool to check out, and less scary if you have an MISSION to get in there. Because I am sure, if you haven't already - checking these spaces out have been on your list for quite some time right? It's a good way to get to know your local hacker and maker scene, and people are always super helpful to help out and/or get you started!

#2 Sent your file in to be printed
I use for example iMaterialise as 3D printing service but I am sure there are tons of other 3D printing services around that you might wish on using! Printing at a 3D printing service is easy - you create an account, load your file in, choose your colour (crazy colours are ALL around!) and your material of choice, and hit 'PRINT'

Finally a use to get started with 3D printing if you haven't already!


Attached video is how I integrated two NeoPixel rings in the domes, and made them light up! An example of how you can customise in an techy-way, instead too - integrating LED in clear 3D print. Matt pulled off a sweet animation on the pixels while I was cleaning up the rest. A fun collaboration, that we started with a cup of tea and some nice music on. Keep surprising each other!

Neopixel rings can be found through AdaFruit
with instructions on how to connect. Technical datasheet can be found here


TIP #1 Check your MM vs INCH!

While customising, make sure the dimensions are right. Be sure to check that your 3D model is created in mm/inch before it goes out to print. So you know everything is solid measured before we attach your particle to the rest of the element dress. It would be a pity if it would not fit!


Failure is inevitable. But see a failed design as an opportunity for debate, instead of an dead end. 'Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm' and it's true: embrace it! Without failure no innovation.

Do you wanna see our failed tries? Here you go. They are attached. Failure only IMPROVES your design. It makes you aware, and opens new strategies. Therefore we love them.

So even if a particle looks like it has been chewed on by a dog - if still the measures fit and it can be connected - please sent it to us. No particles left behind is our watchword!

Step 8: SENT IN the Particle(s)


Where to send the elements?


Autodesk inc.
C/O Jesse Harrington Au & Anouk Wipprecht.
Pier 9 San Francisco,
CA 94111

NOTE Leave your information in the package: your name, your birthdate and country, e-mail adress, and any comment that you would like to integrate. We hope to publish all names in the end - the creator of every particle that lives in the dress. Each element with their own story. Let's see how much stories we can collect...


Follow the process on facebook! As soon as your particle arrives,
we give you a shoutout on the page, be sure to like the page, so
we can link you! If you are using another facebook name than your
own: please let us know!

Let’s get busy! Come play.


Anouk Wipprecht x Polaire

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I am so excited upon hearing of your design initiatives! Actually, I thought you had found a material that could project tiny almost microscopic images all over the dress of which the world could submit, widening the participants involved in the design. But I am excited to learn this art of 3D printing because your concept has invited us in! I hope, if a smart material does not already exist with the capabilities to project the data I see in my head into a material, that it manifests soon. Thank you for taking the leap into so many complex realms of inspiration. I can't wait to jump on board to support your efforts!

I sketched these two designs for a project but can't 3D print them (my skills are lacking), anyone is welcome to use them

fggddg 413.JPGimg137.jpg

Join in everyone!! Make a particle! We need you - we got 150 stories to collect <3 See what amazing things YOU can do with it ^^

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Hi Anouk! Outstanding project. Would you mind sharing the code for NeoPixel animations? As you said in one of your article, it makes 3D Printing expressive.

do you still collect pieces??? would love to do one!


You have to sign-up to tinkercad to download the STL.

Can you place a copy here? (I design with OpenSCAD)

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Now we must design it with the contactless led light

awesome idea. beautiful models as well. i havent been able to watch "project runway" in a few years since i dont pay for cable TV but doing a dress using a 3D printer would be an awesome challenge for them! only problem is, they need to print ALL of the elements in like a day and, as far as i know, 3D printers arent that fast yet! have fun and PLEASE post the results for us!!

Great Inscrutable, Excellent idea and well executed project. To take the diatoms (form of life they belong to algae) as an example of structure and form to apply in particles used to made a dress or everything else is that i call genius mind


My wife said that your beautiful idea reminded her of fuxico (pronounced fushico) from the Northeast of Brazil. This artform uses fabric of different colors that are folded into patterns, stitched, and put together for everything from dresses to lampshades. (

You might enjoy seeing this if you didn't already know about it. Your project is wonderful - can't wait to see the final product!

very futurestic design and amazing project...

The future is here.


3 years ago

You should take a look at pollen close up. Especially the tropical ones. You may also like to look into diatoms.

I love this idea! It would be great to weave some EL-wire in there. Not sure about the power supply for this though, it might get a bit bulky.