JPG to EPS - Quality Vinyl Stickers Come From Quality Files

Picture of JPG to EPS - Quality Vinyl Stickers Come From Quality Files
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The trick to high quality and good looking vinyl stickers begins with a quality vector file. Even with a quality vector file ideal for print or display, there are still some pricks to making it ideal for vinyl plotting.

This instructable will demonstrate how to do just that! Here we are going to start with a JPG found through Google images and create a vector file that will make later assembly as simple as possible. These instructions have also been simplified to get you from image to vector file in the least amount of time possible, and explained in a manner that requires no prior software experience beyond what may have been necessary to find this page :)

The only "equipment" necessary to follow along in this instructable is a Workstation with Corel Draw X5. I MADE THIS AT TECHSHOP!   so the computer and software is already included and no SBU required. To note however, there is an SBU required to use the "US Cutter / MH 1351" Vinyl Plotter:

 • CNC102: CNC Vinyl Cutter SBU - Level 1

Classes for this SBU can be found here.
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Step 1: Select an Image

Picture of Select an Image
Begin by selecting the image you would like a vinyl sticker of. Note that the lower the contrast or the greater the detail, the greater the challenge. Included is the image selected that you can use to follow along exactly for your first try. Notice the reasonably well defined regions and high contrast.

Save the image in a place where you can find it again. If you are using an image from Google Images, be sure to save the "Full size" image, and not just the preview.

Step 2: Start Corel Draw X5

Picture of Start Corel Draw X5
Corel Draw Icon.PNG
Start Corel Draw X5 and and create a new, blank document.

Step 3: Import Image

Picture of Import Image
From the File menu, select "Import". Select the image you downloaded, then click and drag to define the region where you would like the image to be placed.
nice, what are the tigger stickers for?
Keith Worrell (author)  amandaghassaei1 year ago
Not sure what I am going to put them on. Just seemed like a good image to work with for practice. After much toil and trouble, seemed like a good idea to document and share.

Maybe I need to get a Chromebook to stick it on :-)

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