1st step project for makin a catfish line

Step 1: step 1 u gotta get a bleach jug u gotta get a line u gotta get a hook u get some jiblets from the chicken or anyhting meaty really

catfish eat anything. u tie that line on to the handle of the bleach jug and u put a hook at the end then u gotta put the meat on the hook make it real good on there so it dosnt fall off and so snappin turtles wont peck at it. then u swim or get in ur boat to the middle of ur lake or pond and u drop it in. then u sit on the shore and make like u doin chores so daddy doesnt whip u then when u see that jug a stirrin the water around u go and collect ur prize. just like the indians used to before we set them straight. u can fry the catfish up in some oil with some hushpuppies boy is it good.



Not to beat a dead horse, but the French guy might be confused. He keeps talking about killing frogs. I believe the British used to call the French "Frogs"; maybe they still do. Perhaps, he believes your method is used to harm French men? Clearly, your method is used to catch a differnt sort of bottom feeder!
redneck beautiful. yeehaw
I hate to say this but this disgusted me... Not only the fact your denying the law of fishing traps but the fact your saying"Oh yeah I eat em'" What the hells up with that dude I grew up in NY and, you want to know something never in my life did I take a fish from it's home and, kill it without a good reason. Your making yourself look like an illegal immigrant who only cares for himself and doesn't care about you know the next fisher child because you know what think about it like this. The only reason kids are doing drugs and stuff like that is because people like you poacher fish with traps take them out of the water and, don't allow a little kid to have the joy of catching a decent sized fish which could probably set them up on the right path...
what in gods green earth are u yellin about!!? hows u go down here and speke to me face on face then see who gotta survive like that
How is this better than a rod and reel? Honestly, you have to be the laziest fisherman ever to do this. Not to mention I doubt youd really hook anything without being able to pull on the line.
this is common in my parts - it aint for sport its for supper!
Yeah, Im familiar with fishing for food. You arent the only one that lives in the south you hick.
i beg to differ, i live in castle hayne, NC<br/><br/>and how is using juglines lazy?!?!?!<br/>what do you think the fish does after if feels the hook through his lip and the tension???? he swims! thats what he does and its hard chasing down a bleach bottle. especially with a canoe.<br/>and again, catfishing rods arent like other rods, they have to be really strong, with high pound test line. a good catfishing rod and reel will set you back atleast 50 dollars. <br/>a jug line will set you back about 20 cents depending on the hook you use(assuming that you can find bleach bottles in a dumpster and have string in your house.<br/><br/>and how the hell can a European criticize a southerner on a topic known almost only in the south.<br/>thats like me arguing about calculus when the highest math course ive taken(and i still am taking it) is geometry.<br/><br/>and the length of string varies depending on the depth of the body of water you wish to catch catfish in.<br/>same with the hook. but 8/0 octopus seems to be a good choice.<br/><br/>also there is a common sense factor in choosing juglines over rod and reel. you can go at daylight and set 100 juglines along a stretch of river and check them at dark. whereas you can only (successfully) manage ~6 poles.<br/>and catfish is (in my opinion) <em>the</em> best tasting fish(without seasoning or anything)<br/><br/>and grimling, clearly you have not lived in an environment where harming animals is common place. sure, it sounds horrible to the unexperienced. but to the people who do it on a daily basis and sometimes rely on it it doesnt phase them at all. and can you say that you dont harm animals? when you live in an area when raccoons and opossum are constantly spreading your trash all over your yard and there are squirrels stealing food from your bird feeder and other animal nuisances can you confidently say you would do nothing to harm them? would you not shoo them away and make them go hungry?? <br/><br/>I guess what i am trying to say is how can you judge someone when you havent &quot;walked a mile in his shoes&quot;<br/>
i like u grimling cause i LOVE hendrix
see now a water cooler bottle modded slightly and you could make a jug trap, but catfish might be difficult due to their shape but the jug is at the bottom or the level the fish stay around....
Good idea, but the writing could be improved for clarity...
mr. sgt. waffles if right!!!!
as an avid fisherman, i giggle on the inside (but not on the outside, cause real men dont giggle) at how primitive this "instructable" was. 1. Lack of proper grammar makes me want to kill a baby duck. 2. The fact that you refuse to use English rather than teenage girl webspeak makes a baby duck want to kill you. 3. The lack of details such as, where to put your jugs, what size line, how big of a hook, and such, makes you a disgrace to the national fishing community. I could think out an instructable for trout jugs, but it is illegal in many rivers and streams to catch trout using anything but a fly rod and fly (not real or artificial eggs, organic baits, powerbaits, plastics, and the like. A fly is defined as a hook and thread ONLY) Send me a message if you are still interested.
that is a good idea, catching trout, but i don't have a boat so it don't work
A true classic the redneck vs. the hippy. :p
u aint even got any projects so plz go listen to jim hendriks and smoke mary j
1) it's Jimi Hendrix , 2) i am smoking marijuana now... 3) I am making my first instructable right now , I just didn't make photographs of my earlier projects because I didn't knew this site . Projects are : A booster for guitar and a channel switcher . 4) A kid of 3 can make an instructable like you , and even without harming fishes or frogs your retarded farmer's son .
1) I dont listen to hippy music 2) Good for you i dont need drugs 3) dont bother i got a remote control 4)when did i ever harm a fish or frog making these projects? 5)farmers are the backbone of America do not insult us
1) It isn't just what you call ' hippy music ' , it's what people call A R T .Hendrix developed many more things than you , new techniques and stuff . 2) I think a little pot would help you develop your brains . 3) You really think you can grab a remote control in a sweet solo? It's possible , but if you got feet and you got pedals ... 4) Do you really think that a catfish that's being cooked likes it ? Do you really think a frog likes to be scratched and picked by chickens ? 5) Your right , perhaps farmers are the backbone of America , that's why I live in Europe , and if the trade falls down , you won't have any demands anymore , so you fall too ! ( Ever heard about economy rule number one ? Offer can only come as you have demands. ) 10 - 1 pour moi . Ow yeah , i guess you don't understand French .. ( it means , 10 - 1 for me ;-) )
I find it funny that he suggested listening to an artist -- then he essentially insults him... I've basically come to the conclusion to just ignore this kid's posts... It's not worth dealing with a superiority complex ;)
i agree with trebuchet fishcatcher is a redneck with bad SpEElliNg and the IQ of a canole
why cant we be friends????? this guy keeps raggin on me! ps jimmy hendrix aint got nothin on stevie ray vaughn
stevie ray aint't bad , certainly not , but hendrix is still beter :p:p:p I just don't like people hurting animals dude , i understand you can be bored , but if you got internet where you live .. Why do you keep doing things like catching frogs and stuff ???
This guy is bullshit. A liar. He's not some hick from Alberta. He's pullin' your legs. "Grits" and "YALL" should've been your tip offs.
Very awsome idea. I live on the eastern coast...any good type of variation for trout? I love Trout but suck at fishing...and I am too cheap to go buy some...(plus I am the only one in my house who likes them)
My grand uncle helped feed his family during the depression using this method, except he used those stoneware bottles (wiskey jug) or whatever he could get that would float. If you don't like harming animals then stick to your tofu but don't condem others for doing what man has been doing since we've been on this planet. Don't eat for a week or so then see how pickey you are.
We called these trotlines, and usually had multiple hooks set at several points along the line so you can catch multiple fish at a time. This may require more floats attached to the top of the line, or securing your line on the shore. Catfish will eat anything, but seem to really get excited about stinky/oily foodstuff. Bread, meat, cheese, corn; whatever, just so it stays on the hook. Fishcatcher is right; catfish is also fantastically tasty. They're more work to clean than a regular scaled fish because you need to skin them before cooking; you can do this with a knife and a pair of pliers or just a very sharp knife if you're good. Big fish should be filleted before cooking, an instructable in itself! You can pan-fry, stir-fry, or bake catfish and it's always tasty. Hey Fishcatcher- are you going to put up instructables for cooking and/or filleting fish, or do I need to help you out here?
i dont cut the fish mom does that but i would sure like to learn
Hilarious. Hope yer fixin' supper soon or pa's gonna let ya have it PS Don't let non-native english speakers tell you how to spell...
This is an accurate depiction of a jugline. It works on many types of fish, depending on the bait used. Catfish are not "bottom feeders" only. Different species eat different things, but turtles and crayfish do most of the really nasty work. These juglines are used to fish for food, not sport, as stated. They work better than a rod and reel in some cases because they can be set out in groups (5 or 10 or more) and run along a channel or in shallow flats. Normally, a boat is used to collect the fish as they are hooked. They are legal and ethical if they are not left out after you are done fishing. I think the law in my state says they have to be checked at least every 24 hours.
man some european must have a stick up their..... . Ive heard of something similiar to this but its with ice fishing. You use a stik that is wider than the hole and attach another stick with so that you have a cross shape then attach a flag on the long side of the cross and the line on the other then put the line down th hole and the stick on the ice so that when a fish takes the bait and pulls the flag will fly.
sounds good but we got no ice round im from
actually, nesagwa - it will work for catfish, and any other bottom-feeder type of fish (suckers, ...) since they basically vacuum anything off of the bottom of the riverbed/pond, they'd suck up the bait with the hook, and it would be so far down inside them that you wouldn't have to yank to set the hook. this wont work for non-bottom feeder fish though. but then again, who'd really want to eat a fish whose main source of intake is bottom sediment and other stuff laying on the bottom?!?!
I tell you what Catfish fried up with some grits is deeeeeeelishus
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