Picture of JUST DO IT : How to make a Paper Nike Sneaker Costume
Do you love sneakers ? have you been called a sneaker freaker or a shoe head ? Do you dream of sweat-shop free ,eco friendly ,low cost ,cool shoes ? If so this is the costume for you.

Your shoe does not have to be a Nike, if you alter the pattern and omit the swoosh you can make almost any high top sneaker. READ the whole thing before you decide to make this.

Step 1: Inspiration and Planning

Picture of Inspiration and Planning
What is you dream pair of sneakers ? or if you could design any pair of sneakers what would they look like ? After you have chosen or designed the sneaker you want to be it's time to start collecting materials.

Ideally you want to use things that you already have so you can recycle. I made my costume out of old white poster boards I had laying around, I think I used about 2 1/2 large sheets. I also had some pink paint, and come scarps of felt, a belt from a robe became the shoe strings and the only thing I really had to buy was gold paint.

Look though your closet ,look through your garage ,look though your friends closets and garages also.

If you are stumped for ideas I think this Jeremy Scott for Adidas sneaker would make an excellent costume ! I should be this shoe...
kisaacs4 years ago
You may have saved me here. My 3-year-old daughter wants to be a "shoe" for halloween. I had no idea how to do such a thing til I came here. Here's hoping I can guestimate her size correctly!

ammartin_124 years ago
The pattern is not working for me. Is there any other way I can get the pattern? By the way, I <3 the shoe you made :)
afrodandy (author)  ammartin_124 years ago
Hello, I changed the PDF link you should be able to access it now.
Thank you so much :) It works perfect, I cant wait to try it!!! :D
I made it, it was slightly different and I've spent more to make it... but its something ill keep for a long time
muixmui5 years ago
i have a question about it... was there like a hole towards the back of the shoe for y ou to go in it and wear the shoe or did you just hang it around the neck ???
afrodandy (author)  muixmui5 years ago
The shoe does not have a bottom, I  just pulled it over my head then I tied the ends of the laces around my neck.
bunni8045 years ago
how did you make the shoe strings? what were they made of and how long were they made?
afrodandy (author)  bunni8045 years ago
The shoe strings are the belt to my bath robe, it is about 6ft long.
cool. thanks!
Hunnyb89756 years ago
LOVE YOU! My costume came out great, SEE! My office loves it... only thing, my tongue isnt long enough. LOL. But no one minded!
what did you use like... what kinda of fabric? :o
I used an old t-shirt... and just cut it in a back & forth pattern... so it made one long strip. Once you weave it thru the holes, itll loop around itself  and look like a shoe lace. LOL

its pretty easy. Everyone loves it. Might wear it in the office again.. I dont know.
afrodandy (author)  wu__ya5 years ago
poster board, felt, and the shoe strings are the belt from my robe, so cotton.
this is such a creative idea... can't wait to make mines.
Warlrosity6 years ago
low cost?LOW COST?????
wu__ya6 years ago
I'm starting on it today and its july XD
CandyLV6 years ago
very creative and so nicely done!
Awesome! I know what I'm gonna be this year.
fairman956 years ago
omg i am a nike dunks feind i am going to make one of these' thanx so much for posting this :)
Latinlivi036 years ago
Haha! I love this costume! Ugh, I love it. :]]]
this is rad!
Ian.G6 years ago
very creative