End-of-the-world survival kit, crafted and designed by MENOSUNOCEROUNO.
Concept Product Design — Not for sale (designed for fun and friends)

If the world ends this year, we better be happily ready. Expecting a beautiful chaos, MENOSUNOCEROUNO created JUST IN CASE ®, the perfect brand for the end of times. An imaginary brand that covers all your basic apocalyptic needs. Our survival kit re-packages a collection of iconic products from Mexico to enjoy in no particular order.
The perfect gift for friends and clients (only the ones we want to keep).

Download and print the template in a cardboard.


For this example, we have selected a few products that we think is fun to give... and together they create a concept.

01 — Basic Water ®
02 — Doméstica Yellow Notebook ® and a pencil
03 — Chocolate Abuelita ®
04 — Xtabentun D'aristi ®
05 — 40 Emergency Black Matches ®
06 — Simple Knife ®


Step 1. Fold and assemble the box.

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7:

Step 8:

Step 9:


Step 2. Fold the black tissue paper at the bottom of the box.

Step 11:

Step 3. Add some thatch.

Step 12:

Step 4. Basic Water ® : Drink wisely, survive up to ten days with one liter.

Step 13:

Step 5. Doméstica Yellow Notebook ® and a pencil: A design classic from Monterrey. Tell the story, write like John, draw like el Bosco, or use it to start a fire.

Step 14:

Step 6. Chocolate Abuelita ® : Dark chocolate laced with cinnamon and covered in sugar. With more than 70 years in the market, this classic delight will make you feel well under any circumstances.

Step 15:

Step 7. Xtabentun D'aristi ® : Original Mayan liqueur from Casa D'aristi in Yucatan, one of our favorite brands of 2011. Celebrate like the old times!

Step 16:

Step 8. 40 Emergency Black Matches ® : Start a fire, get warm, light your way with style. Black is beautiful.

Step 17:

Step 9. Simple Knife ® : Clean affordable design, a minimal hunting tool for animals or zombies.

Step 18:

Step 10. Close the tissue paper.

Step 19:

Step 11. Add a card with the contents description.

Step 20:

Step 12. Close the box.

Step 21:

Step 13. Put a sticker to seal the box.

Step 22:


End-of-the-world survival kit.

Step 23:

Be creative — 
Add any object you think is fun for the purpose of the gift.
Think about the person you are giving the gift to.

Examples ,



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    Hi everyone,
    you can download and print the box template. Also we added some other set of objects suggested by friends. Our idea is that you get inspired and create your own JUST IN CASE survival kit with objects you love.

    Have fun!,

    Very funny and creative! Creative ingenuity is the name of the game here and your concept has inspired some ideas of my own ...so thanks ;)

    LOVE it! Ranks right up there with a "Do It Yourself Planetarium" a friend sent me that involved using the enclosed star map to poke holes in a black plastic bag, then sticking your head in the bag near a bright light.

    Satire is my kind of fun. I'm glad the end of the world will include chocolate.

    1 reply

    that is hilarious!

    As seen on thefancy.com

    Nice seeing someone from Monterrey. I'm from there as well and love hot chocolate made with chocolate Abuelita.
    Very nice instructable!

    Nice, ;)

    I prefer the need to survive any thing gig. Fishing and hunting with traps and the basic survival first aid kit with herbs and other natural medicines. Know what the weeds are good for.

    I have to agree with artdreams here, but mine would also include Enmergency Procedure 417(an extra-dry vodka martini). Cheers!


    He just added it - it's in the intro now!

    You would have to know what the 'end of the world' looks like. The end of money based culture? Disease? No oil?

    The plagues in Europe wiped out half the population which is why the survivors and descendents of the other half later flourished. Labor became worth more, land was affordable or free, new technologies took over where before they were ignored.

    A kit might help if you know what you really need. Chocolate might be worth more than protein, a lot more.

    which month is the end of the world in this year?
    just so i know what to get.

    1 reply

    I say are you kidding? This is just an emergency gift box, you won't have any chance in case of a real ultimate wild zombies attack . I'm not wise as expected and sure I will hardly not survive more than three days with just one liter of water and so I'm gonna adding in the optional bigger yellow box a couple of 20 liter spring water canisters and a two dozens of canned beans .

    So, what's the big deal? If you find it offensive, just skip it and move on to another. Couple of things there I'd like to find in my 'bug-out' bag~~~that is if I ever get around to putting one together. Mellow out people.

    Hi there!

    It's really great that you made this yourself, just for fun with friends, but why don't you describe how you came up with it, how you designed it (what software, what tools), what resources you used to make it to look so well finished that it really looks like a commercial product ready for store shelves... How can a reader duplicate what you have done with another concept, like a wedding survival kit? Now, that would be interesting!

    Taking 10 steps to show the handy DIY community of this site how to fold a cardboard box might seem a bit out of place...

    PS: A swissknife would be best for survival...

    This is a perfectly acceptable instructable. It is however wrongly named. It should be called:

    Assembling a cardboard box.

    The descriptions of the assembly stages could be better however. The photography is spot on.

    Where do you get that black lined yellow box from? I take it you have to make it yourself, provided you have access to Adobe Illustrator...

    1 reply

    No need to spend the money on Illustrator, Inkscape is an open source vector graphics program that would easily do the graphics. it runs on Windows, Linux, Mac... and it's free! http://inkscape.org/download/?lang=en