Jack Daniels Christmas Lights!





Introduction: Jack Daniels Christmas Lights!

Remember those red chilli pepper christmas lights that were in vogue a few years ago? Well here's my take on something similar. Ridiculously cheap to make and as you can see they look great on the tree. All you need is a cheap LED light string, a handful of rubber grommets and enough Jack Daniels miniatures!

They really are very simple to make but I'll post a tutorial if requested :-)



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    Could you please re post the complete instructions? I'm new to the site and would love to make a string or two for our camper awing. Thanks

    these are AWESOME!!
    would i be able to get instructions on how you made them
    please and thank you
    id love to make these for my boyfriends basement bar his theme is jack daniels

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    Full tutorial's now up here for anyone that's interested in making their own - https://www.instructables.com/id/Jack-Daniels-Christmas-Lights-1/

    Thanks a lot, I didn't photograph anything as I went but I'll dig them out of the decorations box and see what I can put together by way of a tutorial for you over the weekend.