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Introduction: Jack Daniel's Independence Contest Entry

Dan: 03/26/1989
Hubert: 03/10/1987
Max: 04/18/1989

We're a group of mechanical engineers recently out of college, and we love working on projects.  Since graduating we've lost access to a lot of the resources we used to have (machine shop, CFD simulations, software packages...)  It is our dream to compete and win the Red Bull Flugtag competition.  We have the engineering skills and expertise to build a glider that would outperform any entry ever seen in the history of the competition.  We've held jobs in machine shops, worked with carbon fiber, and made human powered vehicles for other competitions.


Some of us are now working in the aerospace industry and see the Flugtag competition as a chance to demonstrate and enhance our engineering expertise.

Designing and building a competition winning aircraft will require a substantial investment into quality materials and tools.  Being recently graduated, we don't have the necessary disposable income to put towards this project.  Things like houses, babies, and school debt take precedence ;)

The ideal project is one that is low cost, high quality, and delivered on time.  As we've found out in industry, however, that is rarely achieved.  There is usually some compromise on one of the goals.  With money from Jack Daniel's Independence Contest (approximately 20K after taxes) we will be able to produce a high quality product on time without being limited by money.

Thanks for your consideration.  Let us put the Old No. 7 on the side of our vehicle.



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