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Introduction: Jack Daniels Independence Project

My name is Howard Lofton.  I am 58 years old. (05/02/1954).  This entry is in regards to an old Dr Pepper bottling plant here in Georgiana, Al.  The plant was in operation from the 1920's until 1954.  I have the dream to open up a local history museum here.  I have located many historical items such as bottles, pictures, and documentation already.  I actually have the original land deed dated in 1885 and signed by President Grove Cleveland. 
Georgiana is a small town in South Alabama.  This was the home of Hank Williams Sr when he was a boy.  He actually lived less than 500 feet from the bottling plant.  Previously I owned the home that Hank lived in.  I had it placed on the Alabama Historical Register and it is now a museum.  We have over 5000 people a year come to visit during the Hank Williams Festival every June. 
Our local government is slowly tearing down old historical places.  I have already purchased this building.  Any and all help with renovations would be greatly appreciated.   
I know this project will be a success.  I have made it happen in the past.  I can do it again.  Our small town has something that nowhere else can attest to.  The close ties between an actual Dr Pepper bottling plant and Hank Williams Sr. 



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