Jack Daniel's Independence Project - Animatronics




Introduction: Jack Daniel's Independence Project - Animatronics

Hello! My name is Ryan Powers (DOB: 6-7-1976) and this is my entry in to the Jack Daniel's Independence Project.

I'm part of a team creating a highly interactive adventure in miniature golf. As a part of this adventure, we'd like to incorporate animatronics in to the experience. These animatronic characters will talk to each other and to the players in order to provide comic relief and to act as a guide throughout the course.

As you can see in the video, we've built our first prototype whom we've nicknamed "Walter". With the prize winnings, we'd buy the necessary tools and materials to build a more robust version of Walter and additional animatronic characters. (And we'd put the Jack Daniel's barrel to good use as well, as the beginning of our story starts in a fishing village overrun by pirates!) 

Thanks so much for the opportunity!



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