I have a large motorhome which is used most of the year.  Flies and mosquito's are a common pest so I've been looking for a while for some sort of Citronella burner to help keep them away.  Upon seeing tjesse's "Glass Bottle Tiki Torch", I was immediately inspired with visions of a Jack Daniels bottle.  My process if probably very similar to tjesse's, though there are a couple of differences.

It took about 30 mins between starting and lighting, so well worth the effort once materials are collected.  The best part of it was the first 10 mins (drinking a litre of Jack Daniels).

This is my first attempt at an instructable (and I've just downed a litre of JD to make this project possible), so give me a break!

Step 1: Collect Parts

First and most important, a bottle of JD.  Citronella, wick (I used 1/4") and a metal bottle top.  The JD bottle comes with a plastic lid, so not much for this project.  Noting this at the weekend I had an excuse to drink a bottle of wine so I'd have a metal lid for this project.

The Citronella and wick had to be ordered as it's not the stuff I tend to have on shelves.  A one litre bottle seemed ideal as I was going to empty into a one litre JD bottle.  The wick was ordered as one meter.  Both of these were found quickly on Ebay.
Food coloring might work... probably only need a few drops, enough so that it doesn't affect the characteristics of the flame ;)
Very nice. <br> <br>For coloring, try a non-water based wood stain. Minwax is a common brand in most hardware stores in a broad range of colors.
clever idea!
Great pictures and write-up. Dying the oil might be tough, you can try enamel nail polish (not acrylic) or oil based paint dye found at craft stores. A tea bag might work and would give you the color you need.
My first thought was food colouring, but not at all sure how that will go with the oil. I may pour a bit out and try various colours.
Welcome to the insanity of being an instructables poster ! Thank you for sharing your project
Thanks :-)

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