Step 9: Cut the Mouth

Picture of Cut the Mouth
You will now cut the mouth!

The mouth is up to you

I freehand drew the mouth lightly with a pencil and made it as even a smile as I could.

Make sure that the mouth cuts out the drill holes that marks where their eyes are.

The reason:
The person will be seeing through the mouth... But people won't see the person's eyes because there will be some fabric in the way!

To cut the mouth:
Get out your dremel (if you don't know what a dremel is look at the pic on this page) and attach a round blade to it.


Cut out the mouth by cutting with the dremel along the light pencil lines.

Once the mouth is cut out, you are done with the dremel!

If you have some rough edges on the lines where you cut the mouth, sand it down until is looks good.