Picture of Jack-O-Lantern Baby Belly
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Hello All,
This is our baby belly shots of my wife. She was a good sport. This easy costume art can be made at home. The most important thing one needs is a pregnant woman (preferably about 6 to 9 months prego, the bigger the better your jack-o-lantern will look :)

Step 1: Get you some paint!!!

Picture of Get you some paint!!!
I thought about using poster board paint but my mind was changed. Get you some acrylic paint, we used the colors orange, brown and black.
joey jo jo2 years ago
Thanks for putting a great big smile on my face guys!
doubleb23 (author)  joey jo jo2 years ago
You're welcome!, glad we could help :)
poofrabbit2 years ago
I LOVE the addition of the pacifier it makes this go from ok cool to down right wonderful!
doubleb23 (author)  poofrabbit2 years ago
thanks, we had fun making it