Picture of Jack O' Lantern (automatically) changes mug [UPDATED]
3D printing lets you create many personalized and detailed objects. In this case I modeled a little pumpkin shell containing a cylindrical silhouette to project Jack faces on the pumpkin surface. Printing the shell with a material which lets light pass through, the shape would be seen from the outside, as in 3D renders. Moving the cylinder with a servo or a little stepper motor (usually servos only turn 270°) driven by Arduino or another microcontroller, you should be able to automate the shape changing.

Unfortunately I've not yet tested this project, and some details are still to be personalized, as servo support and led hole, these depend on the type of devices you want to use.
This 3D object has a diameter of about 10 cm, which is enough to keep a little servo inside, among with batteries and a microcontroller. The little dimensions will let you print it without paying too much, but if you want make it bigger you can certainly enlarge all the model. 

I will show you fast steps to create this in 3D Studio Max.

Step 1: The working principles

Picture of the working principles
The model is composed by four pieces: the base of the pumpkin, the cover, the moving cylinder with figures, and a shield to direct light through a figure at a time.
There is not much to say about working principle... as you already understood the light of a led is directed on a portion of the cylinder where some shaped holes let it continue against the pumpkin surface. Since the pumpkin material lets light pass through (pay attention to choose the right material in printing process), the figures will be projected on the outside surface of the gadget.
If you don't want to use a motor or a servo to rotate the cylinder you can add a pole in center of the pumpkin base, so it will keep the cylinder lifted, you can always rotate it by hand... The shield has to be glued in place after setting up LED and battery. As Halloween present I give you the 3DSMax file if you want to modify and print it ;-)
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lokaa.loky8 months ago


Amazing project! Have you printed this out yet and made a physical copy?
andrea biffi (author)  SoundTechie20071 year ago
unfortunately not yet, here in Milan a 3D printer is not easily accessible...
Mic1001 year ago
Nice Work -:)
Very clever!
andrea biffi (author)  CreativeTinker1 year ago
thanks :-)
Jayefuu1 year ago
Impressive work! I want to see it made now :D
andrea biffi (author)  Jayefuu1 year ago
I enhanced the design so it could be built with Arduino and servo support inside. I'll add a step with the bigger pumpkin details.
This is awesome!!!
andrea biffi (author)  lindarose921 year ago
Grazie Linda! Movie is coming!