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Ok, I thought the Laser Vortex was the coolest Halloween project yet. So this project pays homage to it. For my project, however I needed to make it small and portable to fit into a pumpkin. I also needed to make the laser and spinning mirror all 1 unit. So with a couple of mods, the Jack-o-Laser of Doom was born.

Step 1: Make the Spinning Mirror

If you need to see how to make the mirror mount see mever's instructable,
steps 8 & 9 here- this
is the genius of the project.

I Used a little 3 volt radio shack motor with the cog on it, and drilled a
hole in the bottle cap. Then I pressed the cap on the cog and put a lot of
super glue gel on it.

For my needs mounting the mirror at a 45 degree angle produced a vortex that
got too big in too short of a distance, so I just glued the mirror in the
bottle cap at a couple of degrees so I could get a tube of light.

Step 2: Make the Motor Mount & Attach to the Base

Picture of Make the Motor Mount & Attach to the Base

Ok for this step I used my favorite prototyping material....Lego... I used two twelve Pieces for the base and then mounted the motor on 3 pieces 6 long on top of the base (see foto) This gave room for the bottle cap to spin. Then I took 2 zip ties and used them to mount the motor.

I had to use the 2x3 bricks on top and bottom because when I sinched the zip ties down It spread the pieces and those bricks held the assembly straight.

Step 3: Attach Laser Mount & Laser

Picture of Attach Laser Mount & Laser

For this step I mounted the 7 or 8 length lego with the axle so I can change the angle of the Laser.

Next I took apart a $30 laser pointer from office max and used another zip tie to mount it.

I Put the zip tie over the momentary switch and sinched it down so that the switch stayed on.

**Help.. the switch has 4 solder points on it... I wanted to figure out a way to jump the switch but didn't want to risk ruining the laser** what is the proper way to take care of this?

Step 4: Add Some Feet to Get Proper Angle and Stability

Picture of Add Some Feet to Get Proper Angle and Stability

To make sure the beam shot up instead of straight out, I lifted the front foot a little higher than the back. This keeps the laser beam from being blocked by the laser unit.

Step 5: Mount Laser in Jack-o-Laser

Picture of Mount Laser in Jack-o-Laser

In this step I took the ice cream spoon and flattened out the bottom of the pumpkin. Then I powered up the unit and it shot the circle patern on the inside wall of the pumpkin. This helped me know where to cut the hole.

Step 6: Run Wires and Insert LED's for Eye Lights

Picture of Run Wires and Insert LED's for Eye Lights

The Jack-o-Laser Is only meant to be seen from the front. So I drilled a couple of holes in the back to run my wires... I used the alligator clips because this thing will rot in a couple of days and I was running out of time and patience for this whole deal at 2am this morning.

Step 7: Wait for Night & Shoot a Death Ray at the Kiddies

Picture of Wait for Night & Shoot a Death Ray at the Kiddies

I got one of those smoke machines at Target for 20 bucks and it is not the greatest but I think the effect is cool..

This would work better inside because the smoke dissapates outside due to the wind.

My wife wasn't as excited about putting this in the house as i was so.... Its on the porch.


trinity5000 (author)2009-10-30

if you look on the bottom of the curcuit board you will be able to see that there are metal film cut out and laid on to forn the different curcuits by looking three of the solder points should be conected togeter with one of these films all you have to do is put in a jumper wire conecting the three pins to the fourth completely bypassing the botton this will make the laser come on all the time when power is hooked up

paintballr (author)2009-10-11

looks like a shoop da whoop


strumbot (author)2008-11-01

Freakin' Sweet!

ghost terance (author)2008-06-05


westin444 (author)2008-05-03

try cooling the fog, or make a tunnel out of 1/4 pvc and sheets

Jollyrgr (author)2007-09-13

An FYI: A keychain laser pointer can be found for $1.00 USD at dollar stores.

alanL (author)Jollyrgr2007-10-30

would love some help finding one the laser lights. i've searched everywhere from 99 cent store to hardware stores. would a laser level work? great project. one more shopping day until halloween. thankx.'

vatosupreme (author)alanL2007-10-30

I bought a laser pointer at staples.Or any office supply store. A laser level might work....

Whiternoise (author)vatosupreme2007-11-08

eBay is pretty good - they have loads to pick from - mostly for knock down prices.

HOU770 (author)2007-11-02

This was the first spinner project I saw. Thanks for the inspiration. With additional ideas from the references, I put together a two mirror projector. Used with and without fog. I was afraid children would look into the beam, so I pointed it at the garage door. Not the best craftsmanship, but it worked. Keep up the good work.

ossumguywill (author)2007-03-02

How many MWs must the laser be?

el-pedro (author)ossumguywill2007-10-28

most laser pointers are around 5mw, so almost any laser pointer will work

emericanskater (author)2007-10-21

what type of battery is the laser hooked up to?

2 AA batteries in series... but that was what was in the laser pointer to begin with.

qdogg (author)2007-09-21

A lazy man's way to this is to buy a gizmo called a "laser widow" (about $50) that will make all kinds of patterns & can be triggered w/music or sound. Stick on of those in there & add a couple tri-color changing LED's (I found them @ a dollar store) for eyes & you're done.

ARVash (author)qdogg2007-09-25

Yes; but that would cost 50 dollars >>.. not 7 - 10 Nice alternative if you're not able to do these instructions though.

Darth Robby (author)2007-09-13

How much did this cost, I might do this.

vatosupreme (author)Darth Robby2007-09-14

the motor was around $5 us. I had to buy a bag of mirrors at a craft store for $5. Someone said you can get laser pointers for $1 at dollar stores.

ac1D (author)vatosupreme2007-09-17

Nice i made one!

motor(in a toy fan)1$
=3$ and work perfectly.
awesome, thanks you allot!

Darth Robby (author)2007-09-14

cool, about $11? that is a very good deal for such a cool thing!!!!

Darkshot (author)2007-08-26

OH-MY-FREAKING-GOSH!!!!! THATS THE COOLEST THING IVE EVER SAW MAN!!!!! AWSOME INSTRUCTABLE but wouldnt you get pumpkin in electric stuff? and it might electracute i cant spell but AWSOME JOB!

Vendigroth (author)2007-05-09

you used lego, didn't you, for the platform that the mechanism's built on? that's pretty damn ingenious, actually

d3struct (author)2006-11-17


masterhibb (author)2006-11-01

On most of those little flat push-button switches with four contacts, two of the contacts on each side are internally tied together, so there are only two actual signals. The only real thing you need to figure out is which contacts are on which "side" of the switch. Of course, if your goal is an always-closed circuit, connecting all four contacts together will eliminate any doubt.

vatosupreme (author)masterhibb2006-11-03

Thanks, for the help... This will make this much cleaner

shecktor (author)2006-11-02
Very Nice> Will build with kids next year.
mever (author)2006-11-01

Great take on the laser vortex! Looks awesome and and i love the use of legos for the motor mount.

vrogy (author)2006-11-01
nice. still, it's technically not a 'cog' on the motor there, it's referred to as a 'pinion'.A cog is a gear that typically meshes between two other, larger gears.A pinion is usually wide to accomodate misalignment, and acts on a single larger gear.
Doom_Goat (author)2006-10-31

thats awesome, great instructions. video please

fungus amungus (author)2006-10-31

This made my day. Awesome. The last line is a classic.

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