Introduction: Jack-O-Mandarin

Welcome to my Jack-O-Mandarin. After seeing a few videos out there of people offering healthier alternatives to giving out candy for Halloween I got inspired to create a few simple drawings on mandarins that could be used as Halloween treats. In my video I explain the type of paint marker that I used to create the images on the mandarin, and where I went to get ideas online in order to free-hand-draw the image of Jack Skellington on to one of the mandarins. Again, this project is a rather simple and fun idea to make for everyone and it is also a healthy choice for those Halloween trick-or-treaters that are looking for healthier treats this Halloween. Enjoy the projects my fellow Instructa-peeps!



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    Cute, I like it!

    At least you can eat these in their present state unlike pumpkins that you have to cook!

    You're welcome!

    I love it!! The turned out great! The one thing that comes to mind is that I was always cautioned not to eat fruits that I got while trick or treating when I was young. Just something to think about when children you don't know are coming to your home.

    Yes, you are correct. Maybe for the family and friends Halloween party but not to give out to the trick-o-treaters, because they may simply toss the fruit out. It will save me some few cents and allow me to enjoy more sweet and tasty mandarins! By the way, I've noticed that my daughters have started eating more fruits, since I started making freehand sketches on some of the fruits; all the ones with thicker outer skins only.