Jack Skellington Costume


Introduction: Jack Skellington Costume

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite musicals, so I decided to make female costume inspired by Jack Skellington. I made it with my sewing machine. First I have sewed a black suit (pants + tail-coat). I've used about 1,5 m cotton fabric. Then I've painted stripes on it with white fabric paint. I've made the felt bat bow tie by my own too.

You can also see my other anime costume on: http://moje-poTWORY.blogspot.com



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    Very classy costume! I would wear it anytime! thanks for sharing and do have a splendorous day!

    most impressive, much better then those horrible store bought ones. Id wear this even if it wasnt halloween

    very cool costume. You could use make up to make you face pale and do the long, black mouth.

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    Thanks! If I wear it on Halloween, I will make up for sure :)

    It's only for female, but it wouldn't be any problem to make it for male.

    Oh okay. I think its pretty awesome for a girls costume. :D --Or a female version of Jack's suit. Very nice.

    not saying it looks bad, looks fine... but looks more like a 'wife of jack' costume, not a Jack costume... mostly because his suit has full stripes, now... it might look better inside out

    I love it--way fun! I super love that you painted the stripes on...that solves the problem on what to do for my daughters pinkie pie costume! :) Thanks for sharing!

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    Cute outfit. Doesnt quite come across as jack... Maybe whiteface with black skull details would do it.
    Well done. Looks good. Target not quite reached but still very rad.

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    Thank You! Yes, it was only inspired by Jack Skellington. If I wear it on Halloween i will do something more, maybe some requisites oraz maybe i will paint my face ;-)

    I agree, Jack inspired, but not quite worth calling 1-off costume for Jack..