Jack Skellington Measuring Spoons


Introduction: Jack Skellington Measuring Spoons

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Jack Skellington is one of my favorite characters, pretty much of all time. I already have tons of his swag but when I saw some ceramic spoons at World Market the shape just seemed to perfect.

Step 1: Gather Materials

1. White Porcelain Spoons (I got mine from World Market available here online)

2. Food Safe Porcelain Paint Pen available here online only

Step 2: Watch the Video

Decorate to your spoons to your liking and enjoy your awesome new spoons.

I would be truly grateful if you would give me a vote in the Paint contest closing August 25.

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    Really awesome result ! So you just let them get dry, you don't put them in an oven ?

    2 replies

    If you use the ceramic marker I linked to there's no oven time. Although I did learn you do not want to let them soak, they put up to scrubbing just fine as long you don't let them soak.

    Ok, thanks :)

    ADORABLE!!!! Thanks so much ~ and no, I don't have enough NBC stuff either! hehe

    1 reply

    Thank you! There is no such thing as having enough NBC stuff, ever...

    now you can always measure just the right amount of deadly nightshade for your soup!

    1 reply

    Always and forever to knock your favorite person right out! Don't ask me how but somehow I missed your amazing comment.