I've seen a bunch of ideas out there of decorations you can make with milk jugs but I came up with a new one that's the easiest Halloween decoration EVER! Jack Skellington Heads!
That's Splendid!
You only need 5 things! Make a bunch of these Jack Skellingtons to light up your walkway and you can even keep them for Christmas decorations by putting Santa hats on them! :)

Step 1: Things You Need

All you need to make these amazing Jack Skellingtons is 5 things:
1: Clean empty milk jug - rinse with hot water and peel off the sticker
2. Black permanent marker
3. 2 ft. piece of rebar
4. hammer
5. white outdoor christmas lights

You can make just one Jack head or many - I made 6 to go along the walkway up to my door.
Awesome, cheap, easy and spectacular.
Wow what a cool idea you came up with.
ooooooooooh, so simple yet effective! Love it!
Loven this ible =)
What a nifty idea!!! Well done!

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