Picture of Jack Skellington Milk Jug Lights
I've seen a bunch of ideas out there of decorations you can make with milk jugs but I came up with a new one that's the easiest Halloween decoration EVER! Jack Skellington Heads!
That's Splendid!
You only need 5 things! Make a bunch of these Jack Skellingtons to light up your walkway and you can even keep them for Christmas decorations by putting Santa hats on them! :)
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Step 1: Things you need

Picture of Things you need
All you need to make these amazing Jack Skellingtons is 5 things:
1: Clean empty milk jug - rinse with hot water and peel off the sticker
2. Black permanent marker
3. 2 ft. piece of rebar
4. hammer
5. white outdoor christmas lights

You can make just one Jack head or many - I made 6 to go along the walkway up to my door.

Step 2: Make the face

Picture of Make the face
Jack has many expressions and you can find inspiration by looking up "Jack Skellington face" on google images. It helps to have a printout of these to look at or just work near your computer so you can reference them. Take your clean empty milk jug and turn it upside down with the handle facing away from you. Some milk jugs have circles indented on them - these make perfect spots for circular eyes but can get in the way a bit if your doing some of the shaped eyes. Using your permanent black marker, draw a Jack face on the milk jug. Darken in all the eye area and make the mouth line a little thicker than one marker tip width.  Do this to each milk jug you wish to use and have fun doing various expressions.
Awesome, cheap, easy and spectacular.
Wow what a cool idea you came up with.
ynze2 years ago
ooooooooooh, so simple yet effective! Love it!
Loven this ible =)
poofrabbit2 years ago
What a nifty idea!!! Well done!